Wednesday, 10 October 2018

September favorites

Better late than never no?
It has been a very interesting month September, my birthday month and the month I really got into my internship (aka not sleeping). In truth, I didn't really have enough time for new skincare and makeup as I was much more interested in other things such as drawing, finding classes about a new language and much more. Here is, however, everything I loved in the first month o autumn.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Interior Design Inspo Board

My parents decided to paint the walls of our house recently and it got me thinking all about how the house would look better, pinterest boards full of indoor home decor and ikea magazines. I love the grey, beige, white and petrol shades and I thought I'd share all of the inspirational photos I found.

Do you like home decor? Do you have any inspirational boards and how do you get your inspiration? I love the ikea catalogues, the store itself and pinterest

*As always any opinions are my own and absolutely honest!  This post isn't a sponsored post and I wasn't paid to write it. The picture is from pinterest and various sites and I don't own them.

*Όπως πάντα όλες οι απόψεις είναι δικές μου και απόλυτα ειλικρινείς! Αυτή η ανάρτηση δεν ήταν χορηγούμενη και δεν πληρώθηκα για να την γράψω. Οι εικόνα πάρθηκε από την ιστοσελίδα pinterest και διάφορες ιστοσελίδες και δεν είναι δικές μου.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Dear Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer review

Klairs is really one of my favorite skincare companies out there. I don't think I've ever tried anything from them that really disappointed me. So when I learned that they had two cosmetic products, a concealer, and a BBcream, and when the first one was on sale for about 2 euros I snatched it right away.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

August Rumble

Last month of summer and the end soon we will be getting into our cozy pijamas cuddling with a book and a cup of tea. I can always say that even though summer is my favorite time of the year, I always look forward to Autumn. Does it have to do with the feeling of the fresh start that September brings? The fact that it is my birthday month? Or that Halloween seems to be just around the corner? Maybe all of these things is what makes me not feel too blue that another summer has passed by in lightning speed.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Berrylook wishlist

I really haven't done one of these in a while and since the Berrylook company approached me to do one post for them and they have really cute stuff, I figured doing a wishlist would be the perfect thing to do.

Here are some more details on the picks above:

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Read Play Watch in August 2018

One of the things I have been meaning to do with my blog for quite some time is to include more of the non-beauty things that I love through short reviews as well as casually talking about my hobbies. I love these kinds of posts as they give me a lot of fun ideas.

Not all of the books, games, movies or whatever else I will be talking about here will necessarily be new as I am a lover of things that have stood the test of time but on the other hand if I tried something new in August and I liked it will feature here. 
Here are some cool things I found in the month of August: