Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On the beach with friends + look what I got !!!!

 Today I woke up really early so that my family, I and my friend could go to the beach.
Lately I've evolved the habit to go to the beach early .
 I really do not understand people who go to the beach at midday, when it is said by everyone that they shouldn't, and especially since the sea and the beach are so much better and cleaner at morning...I believe it really worth it to wake up early to swim in such beautiful waters.
  So anyway I went to the beach today with family and friends and we took photos, sunbathed and of course we swam . Here 're some photos:
                                         Our feet on the left are mine on the right are my friends

                                 Our flip-flops mine are the Ipanema ones and my friend has the Puma
                     Peacee... ( my hand is the one with the bracelets on it and the other one is my friend's)

       So as soon as we returned from the sea we went to do a little shopping with mum because I realised I was leaving for Germany in a few days and I had nothing to wear in the ship and on the road sooo I bought these goodies:
               Everyday flip-flops (Ipanema once more) and a mint colour nail polish (Beauty Line Cosmetics)
  The perfect jumpsuit I ADORE this it feels more comfortable than my pyjamas plus it's colour is awesome!!

                                             Sooo  anyway let me know what you thing !

Disclaimer :Everything was purchased by myself with my own money. All of my thoughts are my honest opinions.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Getting ready

 So.... first of all I want to explain why I write this blog in English while I posted my first "article" in Greek . The reasons are two; Firstly this way more people can read what I write and secondly it's just a good way to make my English better.
  So PLEASE by any means correct my mistakes.
  Soooooo..... entering the subject ; Me and my family are doing a trip on Germany.But because we are going there by a car we will be passing through Italy and Austria.So..... I'M SO EXCITED....
 Here are some of the bags and the make up I'll be taking with me...


                                               My favourite bag will be with me at all times

                                                                      My make up bag

It's my second trip abroad and my first to Germany.
So I'm really looking for advices over places where I can do some shopping and find local products and souvenirs as well as sight seeings and restaurants.
  Please subscribe and give me advices for Hanover and Gemunden.