Monday, 15 August 2011

On my mind recently.....

  • Soo still stuck with Tomb Raider (I've seen the trailer pretty much about a thousand times). I really can't wait for it to get to my hands 
  • Obsessed with tea lately (my favourite is the twinings "Prince of wales" tea but unfortunately I haven't find it yet in any supermarkets near me so I get along with the "English breakfast" which is not that bad after all)
  • And if you thing that's not British enough my third favourite at this period is Mr.Bean ( seriously). He is hilarious. But I discovered that when we were in Germany and the reception lent free movies (how nice is that ;) ). My brother then persuade me to borrow Mr.Bean films. That was it. I fell in love instantly.
  • I also finished my book of Scherloc Holmes yesterday (I loveeeeee this kind of books and especially Scherloc Holmes) and I'm pretty troubled about what I will be reading now. I think I might borrow some Agatha Christi books from the Library.
  • I'm about to start university and I've been doing some research.Mixed feelings; happy to be starting a new era in my life , sad and nostalgic about my house.But I thing that every person that gets through what I am, fells the same way.How where you feeling when you got to university?or How are you feeling if you are in this process this year?

Friday, 5 August 2011

German goodies + what's new

  Good morning, during my stay at Germany I made some shopping and I'm sooooo excited to show you what I got.

      My small Pupa make-up kit with five lip-glosses, eye-shadows, two blushes and a small mirror.So cute....                       

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm back....... No2

 Soooo due to the post "I'm back......" being too big I today am writing the second part of it.
In Luxembourg we walked in the city, through the city's gorgeous park, bought some Belgium chocolates and ate spaghetti :

            The public bicycle of Luxembourg

                                                                                                           My tasty carbonara spaghetti
          And here's some chocolates of the "Leonidas " firm which are absolutely AMAZING


  Five days later we woke up early to reach Holzminden (the small city of my cousins and my aunt) where we stayed for two days and had an AMAZING time as we ate at a beautiful Chinese restaurant (yummy) and the next day we visited a "Freizeitpark" as they call it. In fact this park was a combination of a zoo with some animals wondering free while we past through them with our car and some in large cells as well as an amusement park with awesome (and very scary) games . Here's some pictures of the animals:

                                                   The little white tigers are playing

             It was honestly one of the best times of my life so far...but unfortunately we had to leave :( .
Anyway we then headed back to Austria's Telfs where we spent a night at a beautiful big hotel room and had a huge portion of schnitzel and fries (tasty) and once more enjoyed the view:

the traditional outfits were actually for sale

     So we the next morning we made our way to Bologna of Italy and stopped for approximately one hour at Insbruck to take a better look at the beautiful city and have a tasteful coffee


 My Backer Ruetz tasteful cappuccino     

                   Everything we did was in a hurry just because we had to little time and too many things to do as well as the big distance we had to travel.Soo of we go to Italy's Bologna in which after having a cup of delicious tea, headed to the centre of the city for sightseeing and of course Italian pizza and ice-cream:



                 So after that we returned to Ancona's port from where our ship departed at noon and we arrived home the next day.... (with lots of goodies)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I'm back.......

   Yesterday I came back from my loooong journey .
Although tiring, it was also very beautiful and most of all a life experience. It's true what they say that travelling broadens your horizons, I can honestly say that after this travel I see the world with brand new eyes. (I do must note though that, because the post will probably be too big I will divide it in two so that it's not that boring and tiring.)
 Brand new experiences, new flavors, new people...
All these in just ten days.... It seems as if it were only five... but as they say time flies when you have a good time...
   Here is the restaurant where we eat before we boarded on the ship .

So as soon as we arrived to the port we where informed that due to another ship being in danger we left in another ship 6 hours later. Here's a picture of our table in the cafe where we waited

    My mother is writing something down, my own favourite notebook is in front of my (yeah the one with the bugs bunny on it ), my iced cappuccino, my avene lip-balm (it's the best that I've ever used and I've used quite a lot), my body shop tiny make-up bag and the playing cards the kept us busy.
  So after lots of waiting and irritation our ship departed at about 1:30 and we took a long sleep in our cobin, we also eat at the restaurant of the ship since we would only arrive at our destination after noon

   So as soon as we were in Ancona (a big port in Italy) we set our way to Austria in Insbruck.Two things:
-Italians are awful drivers
-The Austrian landscapes are AMAZING .Here's some photos :

                (Sorry for the quality of the photos they where taken while moving with the car)

     We arrived late night at our hotel and in desperate need of some good sleep,the following morning this amazing view left us excited:


                    Sooo after a small sightseeing we got on our way to Germany and more specifically Gemund where we had booked an amazing (as it turned out) hotel apartment . It's kitchen was fully equipped , the rooms where huge and fully furnished and the best of them all : the AMAZINGLY comfortable beds .Truly I cannot say enough good things about their beds.
                                                 Having breakfast in Gemund

                    While in Gemund we also visited Monschau (a beautiful village of Germany), Belgium (Liege and Brussels), Luxembourg, Koln and Bohn (where I did most of my shopping).

                                                            THE DOM OF KOLN



  • BRUSSELS: In Brussels we visited Atomium a massive building that represent the atom