Friday, 5 August 2011

German goodies + what's new

  Good morning, during my stay at Germany I made some shopping and I'm sooooo excited to show you what I got.

      My small Pupa make-up kit with five lip-glosses, eye-shadows, two blushes and a small mirror.So cute....                       

                 Two nail polishes in dazzling nude and lemon sorbet from h&m


A grey top with a cute skull by Tally Wejl

My favorite!!! New blouse by new yorker

Leopard print skirt by new yorker

      A simple clear lip-gloss by h&m in coco kiss in Aruba

 A shisara hydrating cream for all skin types

       My awesome chewing gums (love these)

A "naturkosmetik"  lip balm

Black cardigan from new yorker

    Funny umbrella from h&m

Simple white T-shirt from new yorker

   A beautiful trench coat from Tally Weijl

Brown bag from Tally Weijl

  Simple black skirt with a zipper detail from new yorker

    As soon as I returned from Germany I realized that there where lots of things that were going on one of which is the trailer for the new upcoming game of Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Check out the trailer (absolutely amazing):

       So the new Lara Croft game is all about a young Lara Croft who sails out for her first journey to adventure... the one that will shape her character.

I would love to hear more things about this new game soo leave a comment. Currently reading Sherlock Holmes.

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