Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm back....... No2

 Soooo due to the post "I'm back......" being too big I today am writing the second part of it.
In Luxembourg we walked in the city, through the city's gorgeous park, bought some Belgium chocolates and ate spaghetti :

            The public bicycle of Luxembourg

                                                                                                           My tasty carbonara spaghetti
          And here's some chocolates of the "Leonidas " firm which are absolutely AMAZING


  Five days later we woke up early to reach Holzminden (the small city of my cousins and my aunt) where we stayed for two days and had an AMAZING time as we ate at a beautiful Chinese restaurant (yummy) and the next day we visited a "Freizeitpark" as they call it. In fact this park was a combination of a zoo with some animals wondering free while we past through them with our car and some in large cells as well as an amusement park with awesome (and very scary) games . Here's some pictures of the animals:

                                                   The little white tigers are playing

             It was honestly one of the best times of my life so far...but unfortunately we had to leave :( .
Anyway we then headed back to Austria's Telfs where we spent a night at a beautiful big hotel room and had a huge portion of schnitzel and fries (tasty) and once more enjoyed the view:

the traditional outfits were actually for sale

     So we the next morning we made our way to Bologna of Italy and stopped for approximately one hour at Insbruck to take a better look at the beautiful city and have a tasteful coffee


 My Backer Ruetz tasteful cappuccino     

                   Everything we did was in a hurry just because we had to little time and too many things to do as well as the big distance we had to travel.Soo of we go to Italy's Bologna in which after having a cup of delicious tea, headed to the centre of the city for sightseeing and of course Italian pizza and ice-cream:



                 So after that we returned to Ancona's port from where our ship departed at noon and we arrived home the next day.... (with lots of goodies)

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