Monday, 15 August 2011

On my mind recently.....

  • Soo still stuck with Tomb Raider (I've seen the trailer pretty much about a thousand times). I really can't wait for it to get to my hands 
  • Obsessed with tea lately (my favourite is the twinings "Prince of wales" tea but unfortunately I haven't find it yet in any supermarkets near me so I get along with the "English breakfast" which is not that bad after all)
  • And if you thing that's not British enough my third favourite at this period is Mr.Bean ( seriously). He is hilarious. But I discovered that when we were in Germany and the reception lent free movies (how nice is that ;) ). My brother then persuade me to borrow Mr.Bean films. That was it. I fell in love instantly.
  • I also finished my book of Scherloc Holmes yesterday (I loveeeeee this kind of books and especially Scherloc Holmes) and I'm pretty troubled about what I will be reading now. I think I might borrow some Agatha Christi books from the Library.
  • I'm about to start university and I've been doing some research.Mixed feelings; happy to be starting a new era in my life , sad and nostalgic about my house.But I thing that every person that gets through what I am, fells the same way.How where you feeling when you got to university?or How are you feeling if you are in this process this year?

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