Friday, 30 December 2011

A sweet tooth goes to the dentist...

Last week I decided that since I was in my home town I should go to the dentist since I haven't been there for a while and one of my teeth appeared to have a problem...
I am a person with average pain threshold and in general aren't afraid of the needles and all the nursery stuff but when it comes to dentists I become dramatic...
Anyways I went to the dentist this morning expecting for some awful tormenting pain and as soon as she saw my teeth she told that they were perfectly fine and that she would only clean them up a bit and that she'll she me next week after I had to use some of a sample toothpaste that she gave me. She was so sweet, she was explaining every step she was taking and why she was doing it. It felt like a amazing dental lesson. 
So I returned home super-excited that my fears turned out fake and other than that I am patiently waiting for my new camera -a nikon coolpix L120 (the sales person told me that I should have it by Wednesday ), play age of empires 3 and checking out the new arrivals of the H&M at the web page and the fresh line ( a Greek company with homemade cosmetics).I'll be posting soon ;) 
Here's few things that have caught my attention so far

                                                                      Fresh line soaps:

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Excited, excited, excited!!! I haven't discovered the reason yet but every time it's Christmas I feel like a child in a candy store. It;s something about the cold of winter that allows you to sit by the fireplace with some hot chocolate and a good book - or a comic ( I'm in love with kick ass)

One of the other interesting things I've been spending my time with these months are some amazing games which are probably not new to anyone but me *sigh* 
Anyway Need for Speed Underground 1 and Limbo have been some of my obsessions recently
Other than that I've been watching some amazing movies ("The legend of 1900"- with an outstanding soundtrack) as well as some pretty good series (Firefly, Naruto).

Last but not least I've been shopping for Christmas and took advantage of some very alluring sales to treat myself :)

  • I found the marlies moller hair shampoo and mask 50% off so I decided I could give them a try. The shampoo promises crystal-clear and mild deep cleansing with rich foam and without silicone. The mask is supposed to have an instant effect with caring plant extracts for bounce and elasticity. 
  • I found this cute oversized red sweater and blue cardigan on Zara and loved the colours and the fabrics right away.
  • Last but not least comes this huge pallet with 193 colors which I could talk about for hours so I'll probably post something new about it soon.

      Once again I apologize for the crappy images but I promise to work on it :)