Monday, 17 December 2012

Products that aren't worth the hype and NOTD

Hello lovely readers!!!
The tricky thing about trying out products is that sometimes you are going to run into some stuff that can be pretty disappointing. 

My experience have included a few products but here they are. I didn't completely hated all of the products some just didn't work as good as I expected.

Starting from the victoria 3 in 1 eye make-up remover. This one was truly awful not because it didn't took off my make-up but because when it got into my eyes it was really painfully and uncomfortable. Don't get it, it is really bad.
Next to it is the shiseido sunscreen with 30 SPF which I think broke me off and I was really sad because this was actually a very price product. I don't know if other people broke out using this but I think some people really liked it so...
Anyway next is the sunsilk leave-in cream for dry hair. This product is not awful, it is just that it weight down my hair much more than the other similar product I have been using but other than this it was good.
Behind the sunsilk leave-in cream is the victoria nail polish remover with which it literally took hours to get my nail polish out of my nails. Doesn't worth your money.
Last but not least is the avon clearskin cleanser for problematic skin. I don't know if it they still have it but I remember that when I was using it (now I use it for cleaning my brushes), it was really breaking me out.   

And here are my nails for today : 

Thank you for reading 
I will be posting soon 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gift guide for her under 10 euros

Hello lovely readers,
Christmas is almost here and with that being said there certain things that are be prepared. Choosing gifts is always a great pleasure for me and finding them is even more exciting for me. I will be doing this guide in five posts. So here is some of the gift I recomend and that are under 10 euros :

Under 10 euros:


  • Chapstick LipKit 5.19

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Stocking Filler in Rosewater 6.50

  • Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pack 6.50 

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Lip Tint Stocking Filler in Mulberry 7.80

  • Macadamia Healing Oil Infused Comb 8.32

  • Pairfum Soy Message Candle Ginger & Lemongrass

  • Caudalie Winter Rescue Duo 9.36

  • Himalaya Maroma Green-Light Luminary Candle - Vanilla Blossom

  • Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturiser with SPF 4.85

  • Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls Nail Laquer and Had a Littlte Lam-Lam Nail Laquer 9.05
  • Kings and Queens Emperor Akbar Mango Body Butter 6.30

  • Welenda Skin Food Cracker 7.69

  • 60 Color BH Day & Night Palette 9.95

  • Essie Nail Polish in Navigate Her 3,64

  • Go pallete Beijing 5,73

Thank you for reading and be on the look out for the next gift guides!!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Winter Nighttime Routine

Hello lovely readers!!!
I've watching this tag a lot on youtube and a I've finding it really interesting. So keep reading if you want to find about my winter nighttime routine...

These are the products I use every night before I go to bed. The steps I follow are those :

  • Firstly get my hair out of my face

  • Then it's time for teeth brushing 

  •  And mouthwash

  •  Acting crazy on camera :)

  •  Then taking off my contact lenses

  •  Then washing my face with the tea tree oil skin clearing facial wash by the body shop

  •  Then using the tea tree oil skin clearing toner by the body shop as well

  •  Next the clinique dramatically different moisturising gel

  •  And last for my face the spot treatment the tea tree oil by the body shop

  • Cuddling with Miou is always essential for a good nighttime routine !!!

  •  Lighting a nice perfumed candle or burning some nicely scented essential oil

  • Brew some nice hot tea or have your favourite hot beverage !!!

  • Lastly reading a great book (for example Silmarilion by Tolkien) 
Goodbye everyone have a goodnight sleep!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Empties volume 2

My finished products were more this time. So of these products some I liked, some I didn't like but here is everthing.

Most of these products I have talked before. 
  • The Daily exfoliating shower scrub was also in my beautiful budget of 20 is really a great scrub, easily accessible, smells really nice and leaves skin renewed and moisturized. 
  • Next is the Woo tpo coat. Now I didn't really finished this product and the reason is that it was really dissapointing. When I picked it up I was just looking for a cheap top coat but this one. I really didn't like it. It was as if there was no top coat at all on my nails. The lasted maximum for two days (ridiculous)  and the top coat itself got dry really fast. So save your money and get the amazing essence top coat here.
  • The timotei is officially my favorite conditioner is the only way that my hair can be shiny, smooth and smell amazing untill the next time I take a shower. It works intantly so this is definitelly one more plus (I bet none likes staying with conditioner for hours), but I'll be doing a better review of it when I will be making another hair post (tried some new stuff).
  • The Priorities body milk in sugar babes vanilla ice was one more product that I picked up for being expensive. I was going through a very phase were my skin was really dry after shaving and I needed a moisturizer. The moisture it provided was nothing special and my skin felt like it was burning (but this is a problem I get in generall with sost scented body cremes). So I don't know whether I should recomend this creme. If you are like me and have the same problem don't use it (a great alternative is the intensive body lotion by avon care) but if you don't have this problem then I would say give it a try, just don't expect a very rich lotion.
  • Max factor miracle touch foundation. I know it is a very old product but in generall I don't really finish my foundation fast mainly because I have to change all the time I get tanned and white very easily so most of my product are used based on the season. But the problem with this foundation was that it was really dark formy skin. Ather than that it was really good it mattiffied my face and was not letting it get oily throughout the day. Although I don't really know how it would work on a dry skin.
  • The shisara cream is something I've talked about before. But all in all is great cream with SPF and the perfect amount of hydration. It is also very cheap. it hydrated my face perfectly.
  •  Two mascaras the nivea extreme resist volume and 24hr hold and the maybelline collosal express (which smells to me like honey). Both of these mascaras where really good apart from the fact that I could get the nivea one off my eyelashes. But I guess if you are looking for a really waterproof mascara this is your thing.
  • Syoss anti-crease dry shampoo. The only you can get in a supermarket in Greece. It is not perfect it may not last all day but it is the cheapest version of dry shampoo in Greece and the diffrence in quality with the sephora equivalent isn't that big so I prefer it.
  • The clinique line for acne is my favourite treatment for my acne and skincare products as well so I definitelly recomend them (the dramatically diffrent moisturizing gel, the anti-blemish solutions foam cleanser and the anti-blemish solutions lotion).
  • The palmolive thermal spa beauty soft with orange oil was definitelly one of my really beloved product and I was so sad when it finished. You have to try it. Whenever I was taking a shower The whole bathroom was smelling so good!!! The scent was lasting the whole day and the consistensy was really rich and luxurious. Really good product.
  • Syoss Shine Boost Conditioner. This conditioner really surprised me. It is not as hydrating as the timotei one but I think it makes your hair a tiny bit more shine and smells awesume. 
  • Organics Smooth and straight hair. I didn't really liked this product and this is why it took me solong to finfish it. It didn't apper to do anything but weight down my hair.
  • Lastly the body shop skin clearing lotion from their tea tree collection. A great affordable solution for blemishes. I think in generall this collection is great for problematic skin. This lotion in particular did some diffrence on my skin. It didn't work miracles but it did had numerous positive effects.
That's all for today
Thank you for reading.

I leave you with some great music to enjoy

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My week in fotos #1

  • Miou is sleeping

  • Cooking curry chicken with rice.

  • Brunch with hot dog and coffee

  • Miou sniffing my favorite coffee (gingerbread and cinnamon cappuccino by coffeway)

  • Playing twister with friends.

  • Miou the kitty just woke up.

  • Amazing frozen yogurt  with brownies, white chocolate, pomegranate and sprinkles yum!

  • Tasty salad.

  • Chicken club sandwich with pita (pita tou pappou).

  • Making hot dogs.

  • Troll candy.

  • Cookies by the extremely sweet mother of Michel in raping paper!!!

  • Kitty looking weird at my sims 2 game play.

  • The reason I have been doing nothing productive this week.

  • Mint tea, cookies, chocolate and magazine (this issue of mirror was really good).

  • Pizza and cocktail time with friends 

  • Cocktails!!!

  • Pizza and chips!!!

  • My healthy idea for breakfast : black coffee and unsweetened cereal with milk. 

  • Goody bag from the vet for the kitty.

  • The inside of the bag. Miou loved this dry food from science plan.

  • I did my nails using this amazing nail polish by essence from the vampire love limited edition the dawn is broken.

  • Cosmopolitan magazine of this month.