Friday, 27 January 2012

The beautiful budget of 20

So since I'm a college student and as any college student my budget is restricted I thought I would do a monthly "beautiful budget of 20" post in which I will suggest 10 products under 20 euros and I will feature products that I've used and liked.

  • For this week I've been loving my care hair mask for all hair types and it's actually about 3 euros ( unfortunately I haven't kept the receipt ) and it has been keeping my hair healthy and shiny for pretty long so it worked great for me. To it's disadvantage I think you can only get it in Greece.

  • Next comes a skin care product which I have been using for at least 5 months and it is my beloved fissan facial soap with 30% hydrating cream. Fissan products are actually for babes mostly but this soap is for adults and is great for any type of skin especially the sensitive one.

  •  My skincare has been actually consisting out of two main steps one is cleansing (for which I have been using the fissan facial soap and the other one is hydrating for which I have been using my shisara hydrating creme (shisara feuchtigkeitscreme hydro komplex ). I think the price for this creme is about 3 or 5 euros and it's only disadvantage is that you can get it only at Germany Netto Supermarkets. 

  • For lips I never really had any problem with chapped lips until last September when I started getting acne treatment in drugs which was pretty heavy and made my lips chip like crazy and at that time the only product that was able to save me was the cold creme stick from avene.

  • For body products I couldn't leave out my favourite cocoa buter cream body wash from the body shop and this body sh may be a little pricy (about 10 euros) for it's amazing for dry skin and before shaving your legs.
  • From the body shop I have been also loving the green apple body wash from the "originals" range which is 3,90euros and smells amazing.

  • My favourite black eye-liner (which is also from the body shop) costs about 10,50 euros and is super pigmented with the easiest application brush I've ever seen.

  • Another make'-up item that I really liked and axpected to be worse but worked great was the essence longlasting eye pencil in black fever. The thing that I never expected from this eye pencil is that it would be long lasting and smooth but it was both and I thing it costed about 3 euros.

  • The next make-up item comes from bourjois and is the ombre stretch eyeshadow and it is a perfect color with a great pigmantation in 03 or extensible for 3.99 euros in sephora. 

  • Last but not least comes the dove daily exfoliating shower scrub for 3 euros in super markets and it does a great job.
              I'll be posting soon :)

Disclaimer :The essence eye pencil was a gift, everything else was purchased by myself with my own money. All of my thoughts are my honest opinions.

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