Friday, 13 January 2012

Crazy shopper

I went on another shopping spree yesterday (dang you sales !!!) and ended up getting more than I should :

  • As you can see I actually bought the Clinique 3 steps series. They were products which I've been wanting for a lot time and they were on 25 % discount soo I decided to get them. Here are the       anti-blemished solutions cleansing foam and the anti-blemished solutions clarifying lotion and the dramatically different gel
  • So I was heading for just the clinique products (which were all together 53 euros) but then the saleswomen at sephora told me that if I spent 60 euros overall I would get the beauty insider sephora card and I thought that was interesting so I got myself a hand creme (nourishing hand creme from the sephora) which I was lacking.
  • And last but not least I got the Bourjoios eyeshadow which was 70 % discount (only 3.99 euros ) what a steal :)

But that was not over since the lady in the clinique rank gave a little gift : an estee lauder pallette and two perfume samples from estee lauder I liked the pleasures one but the bloom pleasures one was GREAT  

Disclaimer : The perfume samples and the estee lauder pallet were given to me, everything else was purchased by myself with my own money. All of my thoughts are my honest opinions.

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