Monday, 16 January 2012


Yeah it's me in Haagen Dazs. Again.I know,it's becoming classic.

So, me and my boyfriend went over to the Haagen Dazs once more longing for something nice and sweet, and as we were both kind of still reeling from the previous illness, we decided that nothing would be better than some hot chocolate. Mike (my boyfriend, that is) had the Layered Hot Chocolate, which is actually one ball of ice cream ( Belgian Chocolate) and a crunchy cookie called Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie and a pot full of hot chocolate in which another ball of Belgian Chocolate ice cream so he could pour it slowly in the glass. I, on the other hand, got the Coconut Truffle Hot Chocolate with a ball of coconut truffle ice cream and another of Belgian Chocolate. They are as delicious as they sound and appear.

We also went out with the girls tonight and I had the best mojito ever but due to lack of photos I won't talk about that any further.( Just imagime... lime, mint, havana vodka and chunks of sugar in each sip) Heavenly!!!

Last but not least I've been  obsessed with rose gold this Juicy Couture watch. But it is an investment I'm not sure if I'm ready for.
Isn't it lovely? Be seeing you!!!

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