Friday, 13 January 2012

A review on the sephora's blockbuster

I'm sooo excited to give my humble opinion on a make-up item I've been wanting so long and so badly but here it is :
The total number of the eye shadows is 98, the lip-colours (including lip-glosses and creme lipsticks) 70, the cream eyeliners are 6, the eyeliners are 3, the lip liners are 2, there are 4 applicators and last but not least 3 blushes.

To start with the thing that always impressed me about that palette is the variety of colours that you get for only 38 euros. It's also great the fact that someone can travel and get all the make-up that they might need. As  it comes to eye shadows not only has someone almost every eyeshadow needed but the quality is also great and all of the colours are wearable.

The lip products were also an excitement, once more not only due to the variety of colours, but also because of the quality of the lip-glosses and the pigmentation of them. As good as the eye shadows.

  The mascara was average. It did leave my lashes full and more intense but it also clumped them a bit. Average. The creme eye-liners were tricky. Although I loved the colours, the pigmentation and how long it stayed put I disliked the fact that it smudged a lot. Especially the black one.

The blushes were really exciting as well. I usually don't like intense blushes at all (especially the brown ones) but these ones had a great pigmentation and were amazing one skin. I'm soooo into the bronzer!!! What I didn't liked though were the applicators. I think that only worth talking about is the eye-liner brush , average.

All in all in my opinion the sephora blockbuster is a good purchase especially if you like to constantly experiment with colours (like me) and don't stick with a colour for long.
I'll be in touch :)

Disclaimer :Everything was purchased by myself with my own money. All of my thoughts are my honest opinions.

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