Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A visit to the ice cream paradise

    I had a three hours class today and was super hungry when I got home, so I cooked myself some nice spaghetti with a delicious sauce, the recipe for which I will write at another blog post some another time.
    So after that I could have some kind of sweet and as my boyfriend suggested the Haagen Dazs cafe I  agreed immediately. He took the Chocoholic and I had the mini ice creams that were named Dessert journey they were soooo yummy

             After that we had a stroll around the city it was so nice I'm becoming really fond of Corfu !!!
    After that we went over to 'The Body Shop' because I was looking for a hand cream and I found this one ('Almond Hand & Nail Cream' - 8,50 euros for the 100ml / 4,50 euros for the 30ml) however I decided I would wait in case I found something better, but here's the cream. 
   I also thought I should get the 'Almond Nail &Cuticle Oil' (7,50 euros) since my nails haven't been in their best shape recently along with my I also saw this 25% off discount at the 'Clinique' stand so I asked the lady there (she was very kind) what I could do to take better care of my skin and she was very helpful.I decided to stick with 'Clinique' due to the good things I've heard about its skincare line and since the make-up I've tried from this brand was AMAZING. Anyway after checking the website I think these products suit me best.

Last I went to the Hondos Center. At the 'Mac' counter they had 10 % discount but I thought that was not that interesting given that the limited edition (at least whatever was left of it) was not that good so I passed on that.
Anyway I've been in love with the "Le internet medley" by "The GAG Quatret"

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