Sunday, 5 February 2012

Janouary favourites

I haven't been really into make-up or skin care lately, mainly because of the exams that were on and my other blog that has to do with food. So in case you're into food check it out .
However I have been using some products this month.

  • So starting from the first picture I really enjoyed the oriflame dual skin corrector cover stick. Mine is in the lightest shade. The coverage is average but the shade is pretty good and it is pretty long lasting.
  • Next comes the nourishing hand cream which I really enjoyed because apart from being very nourishing and inexpensive it also not greasy at all.
  • Another product I rediscovered this month and which I had been really using throughout the summer is the Hawaiian tropic Aloha Kiss Island Berry Lip Gloss. This product is my favourite lip balm. Not only is it very hydrating, has an AMAZING scent to it and tastes great but it also has SPF 25 in it which was really a saviour for me this summer. And on top of it the colour is also great. 
  • I really also liked the pallet that was gifted to me with the purchase of the Clinique's three steps system. Great colours, great consistency.
  •  The Cynthia Rowley for avon blush in peony pink which was unfortunately limited edition and isn't available anymore. The blush is almost as great as the blush itself. All in all my favourite product from Avon.
  • The last from make-up comes the Borjois ombre stretch eyeshadow in 03 or Extensible. Great colour, great pigmantation, very blentable.
  • I also really liked one of my christmas presents a small mirror. Adorable right?

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