Sunday, 4 March 2012

February favourites

This month was pretty busy due to the exams and got to do lots of fun stuff like playing lots of new computer games, seeing new movies, reading my Simarillion book and hear new music. However this was the month that I really got around using the two dry shampoos that were available in Corfu. This month I also really enjoyed some old favourites.

  • Firstly my older dry shampoo, the express dry shampoo from sephora with which I was really excited when I first bought it, just because it was my very first dry shampoo and I have really greasy hair. So it was an excitement at first.
  • After the express dry shampoo from sephora and after quite some searching I found the syoss dry shampoo who was on sale and double on size but had some other drawbacks. For these two dry shampoos I will do a different blog post eventually.
  • Next comes the clinique 3 step system for skincare which I really wanted for quite some time now and as my blemish problem was getting bigger I put them in use. They worked amazing so far but I will be making a review about them when I will have used them enough time.  
  • Next comes the organics hair cream for straight hair which, after three years (I had forgotten about it meantime and rediscovered it in the near future), still works great. The only thing is that in order to get really straight hair you have to blow dry your hair downwards.
  • Last but not least comes my beloved seventeen powder who has never failed me with its great coverage and UVB and UVA protection along with its long lasting effect, my favourite powder so far.