Thursday, 31 May 2012

Small haul from essence and review

Hello there,
Recently I did a little shopping and I discovered essence, a brand for which I've heard really good things and is really inexpensive but the quality is amazingly good. So without further ado here's what I got :

Starting from left to right, first comes my wanted gel eyeliner in fivepocket grey which was included in the May's favourite post and is an absolutely amazing product, honestly I have never seen an eyeliner with that staying power ever before. The colour is also great, it's a kind of dark grey, perfect alternative to black, great for daytime and not silvery at all which I love just cause at daytime I don't like wearing glittery, intense makeup. Oh and it goes great with brown-ish eyeshadows. I'll possibly do a face of the day post when my exams are over.

Moving to the nail art express dry drops (the name doesn't really show). This little bottle is amazing I used to  hate it when after I had painted my nails I would touch something and my nails would be a disaster. This little bottle of dry drops is now my best friend and I apply it right after I apply my top coat. Not only are my nails dry in a minute but they also last at least five days.

 Next to it stand my favourite product from this company so far, the forget it concealer pallet. The colours are amazing the payoff is great and the combination of these three colours can cover anything. It is really a great concealer and I use it every single day, just because it conceals everything but at the same time it is really natural. I was actually eager to buy this product after I saw it on one of the reviews or hauls (I can't recall) WinterRose84 did.

Next to my concealer pallet is the essence tint it lip-gloss which is a product I really wanted to try it out and although I've heard about lip-glosses that change colour throughout the day I'd never tried one until now. The colour I have is 02 or turn to lucky and it turns from orange to baby pink, then from baby pink to pink and then to hot pink. I have tried this once or twice and it seems good so far but I can't really tell 'cause it always seems so hard to me to keep something on my lips especially when it smells delicious like this lip-gloss.

  Last but definitely not least comes the eye pencil (the colour here is 01 or black fever) which I had for about a year now and is still my favourite eye pencil. I love it because it very easy to smudge, it is very soft so it doesn't hurt my eyes, it is super pigmented, it twists so I don't have to sharpen it and it stays put no matter how hot the weather may be but comes off with easily with some make-up remover wipes. I feel like I cannot tell enough good things about this eye pencil.

I hope I didn't bore anyone, and that you had fun with the review.

May favourites

May is almost over and June is here along with summer, horay!!! Who doesn't love summer, now all we have to do is get past the exams alive...
Anyway, due to exams it is that I won't possibly be able to post anything else soon, sooo here is all my top favourites for this month

Sorry for the bad picture but this is my most worn make-up through this month. From left to right : my summery favourite blush from seventeen ( in 32 or "summer blush" , my new eye-liner from the essence wanted collection ( in five-pocket grey which is amazing and really hard to get of so no matter how hot the weather will get around here it will never smudge on me. Next in line comes my almost finished pressed face powder from the body shop ( in 04, below that is my beloved solid parfume from L'OCCITANE in Rose 4 Reines (,p24CO009R11.htm) which smells like a bunch of flowers, next to it stands my really old concealer from mabelline dream mousse ( in 01 and another concealer I've been using too, from essence the 3 in 1 concealer forget it ( and last but not least my big eyeshadow pallete which I bought from a local store but the brand is Bella Ogi. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nails of the day 20/52012

I know I havent done a post for ever but I 've been realy busy with my university. Anyway I decided to strike back with some new fresh-painted nails. Opinions wanted!!!