Thursday, 31 May 2012

May favourites

May is almost over and June is here along with summer, horay!!! Who doesn't love summer, now all we have to do is get past the exams alive...
Anyway, due to exams it is that I won't possibly be able to post anything else soon, sooo here is all my top favourites for this month

Sorry for the bad picture but this is my most worn make-up through this month. From left to right : my summery favourite blush from seventeen ( in 32 or "summer blush" , my new eye-liner from the essence wanted collection ( in five-pocket grey which is amazing and really hard to get of so no matter how hot the weather will get around here it will never smudge on me. Next in line comes my almost finished pressed face powder from the body shop ( in 04, below that is my beloved solid parfume from L'OCCITANE in Rose 4 Reines (,p24CO009R11.htm) which smells like a bunch of flowers, next to it stands my really old concealer from mabelline dream mousse ( in 01 and another concealer I've been using too, from essence the 3 in 1 concealer forget it ( and last but not least my big eyeshadow pallete which I bought from a local store but the brand is Bella Ogi. 

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