Sunday, 3 June 2012

Colourfull summer make-up

So I was experimenting with make-up some days ago and decided that since summer has come it would be nice to do a summery look with a hint of turquoise for the eyes.
So this is the make-up items that I used after moisturising my face

So I thought it would be nice if I described the process in steps
  • Firstly I used  my all time favourite foundation from clinique, it is the anti-blemish solutions in 02 fresh ivory
  • After that I used the  maybelline dream mousse concealer in 01 nude beige under my eyes and after it my essence concealer in forget it 3 in 1 concealer and the reason why I used two concealers is that I do like the maybelline one for it's staying power under my eyes and the essence one for the natural result and the fact that it covers the blemish perfect with the green part along with the beige one
  • Next I just swap some of  my favourite blush for summer from seventeen in summer blush with my max factor blush brush
  • Then moving to my eyes I began by my Bella Oggi optical mania eyeshadow pallet from which I used  (left to right) from the eighth column the first in all of the lid and the fourth in the crease  with my Donegal eyeshadow brush
  • After it I just took my angled brush -which I actually use for my eyeliner- and took some of the biolife eyeshadow in 57 and put it just beneath my waterline
  • After that I simply curled my eyelashes and put mascara on them
  • Last but not least I applied my ultra gloss from seventeen in 08 or tropical kiss (unfortunately discontinued)

And this is the final result :
Please excuse my eyebrows I must get around to learning how to fix them properly but I don't want to ruin them so I let them natural pretty much.
Thanks very much for your time!!!

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