Monday, 4 June 2012

What's on my bag

Hello world
I really enjoy spending my time watching what's on my bag videos on youtube so I thought why not make a version of it for my blog. So here is what I keep in my bag.
             Here is my bag a tally weijl one that I got from Germany and I've been loving ever since.

                     And here is what I keep inside so starting from left to right (as always) :
  • A long forgotten essay that I did a presentation on and these are my notes
  • beneath it comes the program for a concert 
  • on its left is my favourite little notebook in which I write anything from shop list to notes for class
  • under stands my umbrella which was in my bag because the weather here has been funny
  • next to it is my wallet (present from my mother)
  • on its right are all my lip products (left to right): Carrol flavoured lip sheen with vanilla flavor, Hawaiian Tropic sunkissed moisturising lip-gloss with SPF 25 in island berry, maybelline watershine fusion lipstick in Rose Boost, above it korres  mandarin lip butter stick with SPF 15 in peach, beneath it my lip balm from the body shop in strawberry with its washed out label and last berry love lip balm from H&M Disney collection 
  • above them I have some trident gum 
  • my keys are above with some souvenir from Italy from my brother 
  • on its left my seventeen almost destroyed (*snif*) face powder from seventeen with SPF 15 in No 1 or translucent
  • next to it my cettua oil absorbing sheets
  • next to it my sunglasses case and the sunglasses themselves (raybans)
  • beneath it my eye drops (I wear contact lenses)
  • under it handkerchiefs
  • on its right two pencils, a rubber and a sharpener
  • beneath a hondos center wet wipes
  • between the sharpener stand my beloved solution to stains on clothes: a pen that takes off almost all stains
  • above the sharpener are my strepsils 
  • Last but not least stand my mints. 

I really enjoyed doing this post, thanks for your time

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