Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The beautiful budget of 10

I noticed that my post "The beautiful budget of 20" was very popular I felt that it would be nice to make a "The beautiful budget of 10".

  • From the left to the right down below is the Fissan cream for baby's and is a cream that to me is almost as hydrating as the Vaseline but not as messy. I used for my super dry areas and loved it. It is also great that it doesn't cost more than 4 euros.
  • Behind the Fissan cream is the body shop hair comb for which I've talked here and it has been pretty fine with my hair.
  • Behind the body shop hair comb is the avon naturals moisturising shampoo with almond oil and avocado which was in my recent haircare routine here along with the body shop hair comb. This shampoo was pretty good and saved my hair this summer when I was swimming almost every single day.
  • Sunsilk heat protection spray. The most inexpensive heat protection spray that I could find and pretty descent too. It smells great and there is a great quantity of product in the bottle.
  • Next to it is the eye make-up remover from care which I was amazed with, not only because it removed all of my eye make-up and my waterproof mascara which was extremely difficult to get rid of every time but was also under 4 euros.
  • Beneath it is the essence brow kit which was about 3 or 4 euros and I think is perfect for filling the brows because of the two colours that it contains which in my opinion will be ideal for most of people especially when blending the colours together which is what I do.
  • Next to the eye make-up remover is the sun + medium protection 20 SPF sunscreen from avon with which I was also amazed. This sunscreen is in a spray form and is absolutely invisible and dries extremely fast. It is also non-greasy at all which along with the other two are the main pros I personally demand from a sunscreen.
  •  Next to it is the foot cream, foot works from avon again (I have been exploring this brand lately, if you can't tell already), which also great and was in a deal when my mom got it (buy one get one free) so she gave me the second. This foot cream, I can't say it's a life saviour for your feet but works average to make them softer.
  • Next to it is the bb cream from maybelline which I love and actually Ingrid (aka missglamourazzi) had recommended. I really like the variation of colours that it are provided which other bb creams don't have (for example garnier bb cream has, I think, only two shades) and the feel of it on my face. It is super light and comfortable.
  • Last the kind of minty nail polish from essence has been my so long favourite and it definitely stands out among my other nail polishes.
Thank you for reading and I will be posting soon !!!

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