Friday, 28 September 2012

Empties Volume 1

I have been reading some "Empties" posts recently and I thought it was a great idea to copy. :)
These are some of my old empties for which I would like to talk about :

  • I'll start with the musk shower gel from priorities which was actually a gift with a magazine a long time ago. I do really like the musk scents so I can't say I loved it, but the texture of it was not bad. All in all though I think there are much better shower gels out there.
  • Next to it is the Rainforest moisture conditioner which I've talked about a thousand times and is pretty good, especially when combined with the Rainforest moisture shampoo. Both by the body shop.
  • The Impulse deodorant that I got from Germany was awesome. I was really sad when it finished because I don't think they sell it here. A great product, lasts for AGES, great smell and really affordable if there is a store that sells it near you, give it a try.
  • The Clinique anti-blemish solutions (the second step from the 3 steps line) which I've talked so many times about and is amazing.
  • The melana shower gel is a shower gel that I found in one of the stores of Hondos Center and it was really really good. The smell is great and the formula rich.
  • Above all these is the body shop transparent face powder which I have mentioned before here. The product was pretty good but in general I prefer face powders with a little bit of coverage. 
  • Another product from the body shop is the strawberry scented body butter for which I have the smaller size. I love body shop's body butters but these scent is probably (along with the coconut one) my favourite. It lathers pretty well and doesn't leave too much residue on the skin, it is super hydrating and smells amazing for hours.
  • Beneath it is the Oceanus body lotion by the body shop as well. This smell used to be my favorite when I first discovered the body shop. Body lotions from the body shop are really good, but I have really dry body skin so I need something more.
  • Last but not least is the a make-up by clinique which used to be my absolute favorite but they discontinued it. :(
But anyway these were my empties for now but I will be posting with much more empties another time.
Do you have any empties that you love or not so much? I would love to see them.

Thank you for your time!!!

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