Thursday, 6 September 2012

Evening skincare routine

Hello there,
I had a morning skincare routine post yesterday, and no morning skincare routine is complete without its evening equivalent.

  • For starters I remove my make-up with the care eye make-up remover, which removes even my waterproof mascara and all in all it removes all of my make-up easily.
  • Next comes the nivea deep cleansing which as in the morning routine have replaced with the avon clearskin blemish clearing gel.
  • After that I cleanse my skin with the clinique anti-blemish solutions cleanser and I have a review for the clinique anti-blemish solutions here.
  • After that I put on a mask and I use a cleansing mask once per week and once per week I use my light hydrating mask. So I use the spearmint mud mask from joy or the blue corn from the body shop and once per week I use the korres hydrating mask with yogurt. This way I see the best results on my skin.
  • After the mask I use the second step of the three step anti-blemish solutions system from clinique which is the lotion.
  • The last thing I use on my is my moisturiser dramatically different moisturising gel from clinique.
  • Last but not least I apply the amazing papaya lip butter from the body shop which smells amazing and hydrates really good.
So, that's it for now and thanks a lot for your time.

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