Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My haircare routine and exciting surprise

My hair have been kind of stressed recently due to the sun, the air conditioning, the sea and the everyday wash.
I discovered that a certain combination of products have help them to look and be healthy, shine and extra smooth.
Please keep in mind that I have extremely oily skin, the weather has been really hot and I have been working out (which means I was sweating every other day) so I had to wash my hair daily, which I don't usually do in the winter.

  • From left to right first comes my avon naturals moisturising shampoo for dry hair. Even thought my scalp is really greasy I was able to use this moisturising shampoo because I washing my hair every day. This shampoo managed to keep my extra smooth and clean enough for one day. 
  • After washing my hair I applied conditioner generously but only at the part of my hair from my ears and below. I have been using the rainforest moisture conditioner from the body shop. This particular conditioner is kind of satisfying but works much better with the rainforest moisture shampoo from the body shop. So if I were to suggest a conditioner that works better (and is much cheaper) I would have to mention the timotei intense repair conditioner for which there is a post here
  • Next to the conditioner stands the pantene aqua light leave in conditioner. I ADORE this product. After I get out of the shower my hair are usually full with tangles and  hard to comb. This product is not only making my hair easy to comb but it also makes extremely soft and adds a nice scent to them.
  • Next to that product stands my sunsilk heat protection spray which is great (and really cheap). Keeping my hair smooth, soft and adds to the scent of the pantene aqua light leave in conditioner.
  • The petit marseiliais intense treatment with argain oil is what saved my hair while I was in the sea. I always wet my hair when I swim and both the pool and the sea damage my hair a lot. I was applying this oil to my the part of my hair from my ears' height and below before and after the swimming.
  • Last but not least my favorite comb from the body shop. Pretty much a regular comb which is made out of wood so its elastic and it won't damage my hair.
Anyway as the title indicates I have an exciting announcement to make... I got a kitty!!!
I found her in the street with no mother or brother whatsoever near her and decided to keep her cause I just couldn't bear to leave her alone in the middle of the street. She has became a joy for everyone in the house and everyone loves her and her name is miou.

So that's all for now I will try to post more often. Thank you for your time!!!

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