Sunday, 14 October 2012

My extremely late september favorites

                                                        Better late than ever right?
                                                Here are my favourites for this month.

  • First (from left to right) comes the clinique dramatically different moisturising gel from clinique and I have been loving this so much that I got myself the big size.
  • Next comes the erre due exclusive nail polish. This nail polish was a gift by a magazine and the number doesn't show so I can't really help you there, but it is a very beautiful wine colour. If I had to guess I'd say the number is 33.
  • This month I have been really enjoying the intensive body lotion from avon care for extra dry skin and I really like using this in the areas I have shaved while I am bathing. Now I may have extremely oily skin and skull but the skin on my body is very dry and it gets much worse after I have shaved so hydrating cream is a must. However no matter what kind of hydrating cream I use, if it has perfume on it,  it makes my skin extremely itchy and painful. On the contrary nothing like this happens with this cream and the hydration is great.
  • Next to it is the 2 in 1 volume mascara by essence for which I've talked before here, but this is a great mascara and I love how you have the option to use either the brush with more or less product. You can really experiment and use it in different ways.
  • No matter how good the unscented lotions are for certain parts of my body, I could never say no to a yummy scented body lotion like the relaxing body milk with vanilla and honey by apivita which smells soooooooo good. Fresh and sweet at the same time and you only need the smallest amount to cover big areas. Loving this body lotion.
  • Beneath it, is an essence colour and go nail polish in a beautiful grey-purple-brown shade and the name is 34 walk of fame.
  • The next nail polish by essence is from the vampire's love collection in 04 the dawn is broken and it is a soft grey colour with tiny silver glitter in it, Loving it.
  • The lip gloss is from priorities and it is a favourite of mine that I have rediscovered lately and I love it, the shade is No23 Pink Bride and the perfect pinkish nude shade, the colour is also really pigmented and the applicator is also pretty good. The only downside is that it is sticky.
  • I have been looooooooooooooving this top coat. I have seriously never tried such good a top coat before. It preserved the colour on my nails for about week, it dries fast, leaves my nails glossy and is overall great. Definitely recommended. The name is essence quick dry top coat.
  • The conditioner I have been using lately by herbal essence is pretty good and helps with the straightening of my hair. I did not believe that it would do what it says but it has prove itself to me and I am amazed with how good this works along with some other products. But it also works great as a simple conditioner for my very dry ends.
  • I have also been using this sunsilk shampoo for dry hair and the reason I have been liking it especially is that although it was moisturising it didn't had a thick consistency so it hydrated my hair without weighting them down.
  • Next is my skincare routine by essence which I am just going to mention here without saying that it works miracles because I have been only using it for some weeks now so I can't be sure. But so far it is helping with my breakouts. I use the anti-spot wash cream gel, the antispot gel and the anti-spot facial toner.
Thank you for reading !!!

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