Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wishlist #1

Wishlist #1

Wishlist #1 by olgaolis featuring fringe moccasins

I love doing wish lists, I think it helps me prioritise the things I really want and the thinks that, in time are shown to not worth the hype.

  • I have been wanting the naked 2 pallet for quite some time now but never got around to it. I was amazed with the colours of it when it first came out but in general I am someone that doesn't spend a lot of money over make-up, this pallet though is among my certain buys, someday...
  • Longchamp bag. I think this colour is no longer available but I think that it would look lovely in burgundy. This bag has also been a wanted item for some time and I think I'll start saving for one some time soon.
  • Next are those amazing moccasins by minnetonka that are soo cute. I have a passion for flats and I find that I get to use them much more than high heels. That doesn't mean I don't like heels by any means, but when it comes to clothing for me comfort is a big factor. 
  • I found about the David and Goliath brand through missglamorazzi a great youtuber and since I got in their website I have found my favourite sweatshirt. Except from the we will wok you shirt, they make many other really funny and smart shirts, howdies, pjs and accessories so check them out.
  • Next is a baublebar beautiful rose gold bracelet. I don't really like gold so I was amazed at how much I like rose gold and white gold.
  • Last comes the burgundy parka and I have been wanting a parka since last year but as many other things I never got around to finding one that would worth its money.

Thank you for reading, I really enjoyed doing this wish list post and I think I will be doing more. 

Let me know if you liked it!!! 

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