Thursday, 8 November 2012

My week in fotos #1

  • Miou is sleeping

  • Cooking curry chicken with rice.

  • Brunch with hot dog and coffee

  • Miou sniffing my favorite coffee (gingerbread and cinnamon cappuccino by coffeway)

  • Playing twister with friends.

  • Miou the kitty just woke up.

  • Amazing frozen yogurt  with brownies, white chocolate, pomegranate and sprinkles yum!

  • Tasty salad.

  • Chicken club sandwich with pita (pita tou pappou).

  • Making hot dogs.

  • Troll candy.

  • Cookies by the extremely sweet mother of Michel in raping paper!!!

  • Kitty looking weird at my sims 2 game play.

  • The reason I have been doing nothing productive this week.

  • Mint tea, cookies, chocolate and magazine (this issue of mirror was really good).

  • Pizza and cocktail time with friends 

  • Cocktails!!!

  • Pizza and chips!!!

  • My healthy idea for breakfast : black coffee and unsweetened cereal with milk. 

  • Goody bag from the vet for the kitty.

  • The inside of the bag. Miou loved this dry food from science plan.

  • I did my nails using this amazing nail polish by essence from the vampire love limited edition the dawn is broken.

  • Cosmopolitan magazine of this month.

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