Monday, 17 December 2012

Products that aren't worth the hype and NOTD

Hello lovely readers!!!
The tricky thing about trying out products is that sometimes you are going to run into some stuff that can be pretty disappointing. 

My experience have included a few products but here they are. I didn't completely hated all of the products some just didn't work as good as I expected.

Starting from the victoria 3 in 1 eye make-up remover. This one was truly awful not because it didn't took off my make-up but because when it got into my eyes it was really painfully and uncomfortable. Don't get it, it is really bad.
Next to it is the shiseido sunscreen with 30 SPF which I think broke me off and I was really sad because this was actually a very price product. I don't know if other people broke out using this but I think some people really liked it so...
Anyway next is the sunsilk leave-in cream for dry hair. This product is not awful, it is just that it weight down my hair much more than the other similar product I have been using but other than this it was good.
Behind the sunsilk leave-in cream is the victoria nail polish remover with which it literally took hours to get my nail polish out of my nails. Doesn't worth your money.
Last but not least is the avon clearskin cleanser for problematic skin. I don't know if it they still have it but I remember that when I was using it (now I use it for cleaning my brushes), it was really breaking me out.   

And here are my nails for today : 

Thank you for reading 
I will be posting soon 

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Winter Nighttime Routine

Hello lovely readers!!!
I've watching this tag a lot on youtube and a I've finding it really interesting. So keep reading if you want to find about my winter nighttime routine...

These are the products I use every night before I go to bed. The steps I follow are those :

  • Firstly get my hair out of my face

  • Then it's time for teeth brushing 

  •  And mouthwash

  •  Then taking off my contact lenses

  •  Then washing my face with the tea tree oil skin clearing facial wash by the body shop

  •  Then using the tea tree oil skin clearing toner by the body shop as well

  •  Next the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

  •  And last for my face the spot treatment the tea tree oil by the body shop

  • Cuddling with Miou is always essential for a good nighttime routine !!!

  •  Lighting a nice perfumed candle or burning some nicely scented essential oil

  • Brew some nice hot tea or have your favorite hot beverage !!!

  • Lastly reading a great book (for example Silmarillion by Tolkien) 
Goodbye everyone, have a good night's sleep!!!