Friday, 7 December 2012

My Winter Nighttime Routine

Hello lovely readers!!!
I've watching this tag a lot on youtube and a I've finding it really interesting. So keep reading if you want to find about my winter nighttime routine...

These are the products I use every night before I go to bed. The steps I follow are those :

  • Firstly get my hair out of my face

  • Then it's time for teeth brushing 

  •  And mouthwash

  •  Then taking off my contact lenses

  •  Then washing my face with the tea tree oil skin clearing facial wash by the body shop

  •  Then using the tea tree oil skin clearing toner by the body shop as well

  •  Next the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

  •  And last for my face the spot treatment the tea tree oil by the body shop

  • Cuddling with Miou is always essential for a good nighttime routine !!!

  •  Lighting a nice perfumed candle or burning some nicely scented essential oil

  • Brew some nice hot tea or have your favorite hot beverage !!!

  • Lastly reading a great book (for example Silmarillion by Tolkien) 
Goodbye everyone, have a good night's sleep!!!

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