Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January favorites

Hello everybody!!!

This month I have been trying many new products and some of them have impressed me. So here are they :

  • First are the Isere cotton pads which impressed me because they did made a difference. I think you can actually see, if your cotton pads are good, because then you use less product on them and they feel better on the skin.

  • Next are the Disney lip balms by H&M one in berry and one in vanilla flavor. When I first used these lip balm I didn't really thought they were anything special. However when I got used to them my lips got more hydrated and the smell was getting better and better (I really don't know how).

  • Behind them is the Cien nail polish remover. I loved this nail polish remover : A) because it removed all the nail polish residue extremely easy B) Because you only need a few to remove your nail polish C) Because of the innovative and smart pressure plate that it has on top that makes it easy to control the amount of the nail polish remover coming out and it feels kind of luxurious and D) Because it doesn't contain alcohol in it which makes your nails and cuticles go super dry and yellowish.

  •  The Kings and Queens Shower gel and Body lotion in Queen Isabella, Cinnamon and Orange also amazed me this month. These two buddies got me longing to get a shower because they smell AMAZING. To me the smell seems a little like baballou chewing gum without although being overpowering. It is truly amazing and I definitely recommend it as you need the tiniest amount to wash/ hydrate all of your body.

  • In front of them there are two nail polishes the nude one from H&M in dazzling nude and the one with the glitters from wet 'n wild in the party of the five glitters. They are both amazing the dazzling nude is a nail polish that I had sitting on my small collection for a long time unused but this month I used the heck out it. It is really pale whitish nude color which makes your hands look tanned but in a good way. The party of the five glitters is something I discovered this month and has proved itself great as a top coat to all of my current nail polishes (especially the dark ones). However keep in mind that as any glitter polish it is extremely difficult to take off.

  • Next there is the I heart stage eyeshadow primer by essence. I've heard from a lot of youtubers and bloogers that they didn't liked this product. I however find it really usefull and use it every time I do my eye make-up. It makes the eyeshadows significantly pop and they stay put longer.

  • The syoss heat protector is the one I've been using this month and the main reason why I recommend is it's price. It is bigger than the sunsilk one and only a tiny bit more expensive. 

  • The leave in conditioner in spray on the right is from jumbo and I loved A) Because it was really affordable and B) Because it actually worked. However keep in mind that the more you use it the better results you'll have.

  • The Avon calming effects face primer I have been using as a foundation with a wet sponge. It doesn't provide any coverage however it looks really natural and is hydrating, perk that I found my skin really needs this time of the year. Also it is really build able if you use it the right way. (Tutorial coming)

  • Next are the wet 'n wild eyeshadow pallet in knock on wood. From the moment I heard that the wet 'n wild pallets were available at a store in my hometown I went straight for the eyeshadow pallets. Unfortunately the walking on eggshells was over. But I found out the knock on wood was also a great choice. The colors are really vibrant, they go on smoothly, feel velvety on the skin and are really easy to blend. 

  • Last but not least is another product by jumbo. The victoria hair conditioner. Now I have to warn you about this product : it smells AWFULLY . It has the worst scent I've ever smelled in any hair, skin or body product. Consider yourself warned. However if you can hold your breath for sometime or just put up with the smell this is amazing on your hair. It makes them super smooth and silky and it is amazing all in all (apart  from the smell).
So these have been my favorites for this month I hope you enjoyed and try some of them 
Thank you for reading!!!

Monday, 28 January 2013

My week in fotos

My workout "station"
 My planner (in greek)
 Cooking grecio pasta
 Miou in front of my computer
 Blow drying my hair
 The sun is bliding
 The before
  Getting a little something from Marks and Spencer

 And after picture
This is now my favorite cereal bar (yum!)

 Nesquick trial by Michelle
 Cooking waffles
 Waffles and coffee for breakfast
 My face on the sun
Mesmerizing moon
 My white chocolate
Almost done biscuit frozen yohgurt
Fried rice (homemade)
Diced bacon for carbonara

This was my week in fotos hoped you enjoyed it !!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Galaxy Nails: How to

Hello myme readers!!!
A few days ago I was looking at some pictures of the universe and they look so mesmerising and beautiful that I would look them for hours.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Make up : Day to night

Hello lovely readers!!!
Where you ever in a very busy day where you had to run errands from day to night but still look amazing ? Updating your make-up can be stressful if you don't know how. Here I am going to show you my idea for a day to night look using one small eyeshadow pallet and a lipstick to alter the morning look.

 Here is my face without any make up and a simple hair style I did and will be amongst my next posts.

Here is everything I used for the morning look. From left to right :

  • maybeline fresh bb cream 
  • essence forget it concealer pallet
  •  essence eyeshadow primer
  •  oriflame dual core concealer
  •  eyelashes curler
  •  mac face powder
  •  wet 'n wild eyeshadow pallet in knock on wood
  •  nivea creamy metal eyeshadow in chromic lilac
  •  erre due eye pencil in 02
  •  rilken chromatics extra volume mascara
  •  lipbalm by blutezeit naturkosmetik
  •  loreal glam shine in rose crystal or 11
  •  above them is the cynthia rowley for avon true color blush in peony pink
  •  on the right a max factor blush brush
  •  a donegal eyeshadow brush 
  • and another max factor eyeshadow brush.   

First apply the oriflame concealer in all the spots that need concealing as this product helps fight the blemishes and on the centre of your nose, on the sides of it and on the sides of your mouth.

 After you blend the concealer thoroughly get some bb cream, here I am using the bb cream by maybelline.


IMPORTANT : Warm the product between your fingers this will help in the even distribution later. Dot your face with the product.
 Blend the bb cream in your face.


 Now take the green and the beige color from the forget it essence concealer pallet, blend them together and apply them to any problematic areas. The green is going to cover any redness might be still there.

Now take the pink color and the beige and after mixing them together, apply the product in the under eye area.

Apply some lip balm to prepare the lips for the lip gloss and dot your eyes with some eyeshadow base which you then are going to blend.

Then taking the flat eyeshadow brush take some of the frist "browbone", light pink color from wet 'n wild eyeshadow pallet and pat it onto the eyes. Be careful though because even though these are amazing eyeshadows they have a hell lot of a fall out.

Then take some of the darker rose eyeshadow and apply it to the crease and the ends of your eyes.

                                      Blend, blend, blend and you are left with this

Taking the creamy metal eyeshadow by nivea in chromatic lilac, apply the tiniest amount on the tearducts of your eyes.


 Curl your lashes and apply mascara. You can also apply false lashes but my lashes are ok so I left it to that.

Optional : Stare at yourself like a crazy person :)

 Line your eyes with the soft brown eye pencil just under the lower eyelashes and stop the line at the centre of that area. Get some blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Apply your favorite light pink lip gloss I used loreal's glam shine in rose crystal here (and apparantly I was really happy for that).

 And last but not least powder your face to cover the last imperfections oon your face and give you a matt finish.


  1. Trade the light pink lip gloss for a darker more sophisticated color (here I choose the farmasi true color lipstick in 22 ).

   2.Or you can keep the lip gloss and taking and angled eyeliner brush dip it into the darkest brown color of the wet 'n wild knock on wood pallet and line your eyes like you would do with eyeliner. Again be careful for the fall out.

And this is your finished look!!! 
I hope you liked it and please send me pictures if you try it !!!
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Thank you for your time!!!