Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Make up : Day to night

Hello lovely readers!!!
Where you ever in a very busy day where you had to run errands from day to night but still look amazing ? Updating your make-up can be stressful if you don't know how. Here I am going to show you my idea for a day to night look using one small eyeshadow pallet and a lipstick to alter the morning look.

 Here is my face without any make up and a simple hair style I did and will be amongst my next posts.

Here is everything I used for the morning look. From left to right :

  • maybeline fresh bb cream 
  • essence forget it concealer pallet
  •  essence eyeshadow primer
  •  oriflame dual core concealer
  •  eyelashes curler
  •  mac face powder
  •  wet 'n wild eyeshadow pallet in knock on wood
  •  nivea creamy metal eyeshadow in chromic lilac
  •  erre due eye pencil in 02
  •  rilken chromatics extra volume mascara
  •  lipbalm by blutezeit naturkosmetik
  •  loreal glam shine in rose crystal or 11
  •  above them is the cynthia rowley for avon true color blush in peony pink
  •  on the right a max factor blush brush
  •  a donegal eyeshadow brush 
  • and another max factor eyeshadow brush.   

First apply the oriflame concealer in all the spots that need concealing as this product helps fight the blemishes and on the centre of your nose, on the sides of it and on the sides of your mouth.

 After you blend the concealer thoroughly get some bb cream, here I am using the bb cream by maybelline.


IMPORTANT : Warm the product between your fingers this will help in the even distribution later. Dot your face with the product.
 Blend the bb cream in your face.


 Now take the green and the beige color from the forget it essence concealer pallet, blend them together and apply them to any problematic areas. The green is going to cover any redness might be still there.

Now take the pink color and the beige and after mixing them together, apply the product in the under eye area.

Apply some lip balm to prepare the lips for the lip gloss and dot your eyes with some eyeshadow base which you then are going to blend.

Then taking the flat eyeshadow brush take some of the frist "browbone", light pink color from wet 'n wild eyeshadow pallet and pat it onto the eyes. Be careful though because even though these are amazing eyeshadows they have a hell lot of a fall out.

Then take some of the darker rose eyeshadow and apply it to the crease and the ends of your eyes.

                                      Blend, blend, blend and you are left with this

Taking the creamy metal eyeshadow by nivea in chromatic lilac, apply the tiniest amount on the tearducts of your eyes.


 Curl your lashes and apply mascara. You can also apply false lashes but my lashes are ok so I left it to that.

Optional : Stare at yourself like a crazy person :)

 Line your eyes with the soft brown eye pencil just under the lower eyelashes and stop the line at the centre of that area. Get some blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Apply your favorite light pink lip gloss I used loreal's glam shine in rose crystal here (and apparantly I was really happy for that).

 And last but not least powder your face to cover the last imperfections oon your face and give you a matt finish.


  1. Trade the light pink lip gloss for a darker more sophisticated color (here I choose the farmasi true color lipstick in 22 ).

   2.Or you can keep the lip gloss and taking and angled eyeliner brush dip it into the darkest brown color of the wet 'n wild knock on wood pallet and line your eyes like you would do with eyeliner. Again be careful for the fall out.

And this is your finished look!!! 
I hope you liked it and please send me pictures if you try it !!!
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Thank you for your time!!!

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