Thursday, 17 January 2013

The braid inception hairstyle

I have been playing with my hair a few days ago and came up with an extremely fast, easy and -in my opinion- beautiful hair look. Here are some pictures of what I used and how I achieved it.

So, as you can see my hair are pretty long. I am starting with fresh hair but you can use some dry shampoo and it will probably do the job for you. Also, this hair look can be altered so don't be afraid to stop at whatever step you like best or alter the whole thing!

In this hair look, I used a comb, some pins, some see-through little hair ties and the straightener, the heat protection spray and the little hair decoration bows are optional.

If you decide that you want to use the hair straightener spray some heat protector on your hair.

Don't forget the ends!

Then comb through your hair so that they are nice and without combs.

Start straightening your hair if you wish.

Get a part from on side of your head and one from another and separate them from the rest of the hair.

Here I decided to do the braids on the right part of my face. So I split the right part in two, crossed the left part behind my head and used it as the third piece of hair to make my braid.

Tie the little braid with and translucent small hair tie.

This is the result and you can keep that look as it is, but I decided to do more.

This is how the back looks like.

 If you decide to continue you can take one more piece from the left and the right side of your head part them the way you did before and continue with one more small braid.

The second and the rest of the braids that you will do must be looser than the first.

On this look, I continued, until I had three braids.

 This is the look after doing the three braids.

 After that, I bobbi-pined everything in place.

 You can also leave it to that but I continued braiding one more time.


 I spited my hair into three pieces and start braiding a normal braid. The three small braids were attached to the part closer to the right side of my head.

This is the final look.

You can also decorate the braid if you wish. 

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