Friday, 4 January 2013

What I got for new year's eve and the feasting table

Happy 2013 everyone!!!
I am so excited for the new year, every time this time of the year I feel renewed!!!
Also I do believe that this one was the best new year eve ever, the food was awesome, company was the best I could ever hope for, decorations were lovely and my presents were amazing.

So first of all I will display the pictures of the food, my make up and nails of new year and some of our company

Michele playing electric guitar

The cheese plate

Amazing mini pies

The new year's eve table

Homemade tasteful cookies

The Christmas tree

My dad making a funny face


My new year's eve make up

Yummy cupcakes

Little kitty Miou

Dark lips 

Brown and purple on the eyes 

New year's eve nails

Little appetisers

Salad with orange, pomegranate and seeds

Pasta salad 

New year's eve table

Small appetisers

Potato salad

 Also I got presents from my mother, my brother and Michele and here they are

 From right to left first is the World War Z which came from my brother, next to it the four books are Macbeth, Othelo, Romeo and Juliet and Poems all by Shakespear which were all presents by my mother and the Marks and Spencer gloves underneath are by Michele.

Hoped you liked my post and that you had as much fun as I did this Christmas and New Year's Eve
Thank you for reading!!!

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