Saturday, 9 February 2013

Get ready with me for Valentine's day: make up, hair and nails

Hello beautiful readers!!!

With Valentine just around the corner I had to come up with something for mine. I really liked the result so I thought I'd give you an idea, of how I'll do my make-up, hair and nails on that special day and maybe you could get inspired or even copy the look...

I'll start with the make up...

After I have applied the first layer of concealer the way I have here. I apply the Avon calming effects tinted moisturiser with a damp sponge.

After that cover any other imperfections with some green and beige concealer, the under eye area with some pink and beige concealer and applied eyeshadow primer. These steps are also mentioned here.

Then I chose a golden eyeshadow and applied it all over my lid with a big flat eyeshadow brush.

After that I chose a dark brown eye shadow and applied it on the end of the crease and then create a small angle on the ends of my eyes. 

Then taking a small angled brush I blended the dark eye shadow so that the look wouldn't be so harsh.

Don't forget to moisturise your lips!!!

Taking a small white eye pencil I lined my waterline to give an instant pop to my eyes and make them appear bigger.

Taking a black eyeliner I lined my eyes in an cat eye line so that they would appear even bigger and so that my lash line would appear fuller.

Curl your eyelashes...

And apply mascara

A tip that I always follow when I am putting on mascara is to take the tip of the brush and apply product onto the little baby lashes at the end of the lash line.

I then applied some light pink blush at the apples of my cheeks for a healthy flush.

I applied some powder to mattify my face and also to make the make up last longer. 

I combed through my eye lashes...

...and brushed through my eyebrows.

I took some bright fuchsia lipstick with a lip brush and applied it on my lips.

I kept layering the color until it became bright and intense enough.

When I was happy with the quantity, I smacked my lips and corrected any imperfections.

I chose a translucent lip gloss...

And kept layering the product until the desired quantity was applied.

Ending up with glossy, bright, pink lips.

Here is everything that I used : 
  • Cynthia Kowley for Avon true blush in peony pink
  • MAC studio careblend/ pressed face powder in light
  • Forget it ! 3 in 1 concealer by essence
  • Wet and wild eyeshadow pallet in knock on wood
  • Eyelash curler by jumbo
  • Lip balm by blutezeit naturcosmetik
  • Blush brush by max factor
  • Dual core concealer by oriflame in light
  • Lipstick Watershine infusion by maybelline in Rose Paradise or 718
  • Bourjois ombre stretch single eyeshadow on 03 or extensible
  • I heart stage eyeshadow primer by essence
  • Manhattan volcano explosive volume mascara in 1010N or black
  • Lip gloss by H&M in Coco Kiss in Aruba
  • Eyeshadow brush by jumbo
  • Eye pencil in white by the body shop
  • Lip brush by jumbo
  • Eyeliner by the body shop in 01
  • Brush cleanser by jumbo (that's what I used to wet my sponge)
  • Calming effects tinted moisturiser in ivory by Avon
  • Lash and eyebrow comb and brush by random store
  • Make up sponge by jumbo
  • Flat eyeshadow brush by Donegal 

I choose simple sexy curls for the Valentine's day...

 It's pretty simple what I did first is I left only two locks of hair down and I put the rest up.

Then I started curling the first one...

 Patiently waiting....

The first one is done

 Repeat the process



When both curls are done get half of the hair that was up down and ready to be curled...


And keep curling...

And just repeat the process until all hair is curled

When that's done it's time for your nails....

With some nail polish remover clean your nails of any residue they might have on them 

So that your nails are clean 

File your nails to a short length

Apply base coat 

Apply a red-orangy color.
Wait for it to dry.

And then taking a light pink and a barbie pink put two dots and then mix them. It is important to do this while the two colors are still wet so do this in one nail at a time.

Repeat the procedure on all of the nails

I hoped you liked my get ready with me for Valentine's day!

Thank you for reading!!!

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