Sunday, 17 February 2013

My two last weeks in photos

The last two weeks I have had lots of exams put I kept on taking photos. So here is what my last two weeks looked like...

 Went out for some coffee with friends
A tight rope actist performing
 Miou exploring the balcony

 Took some great photos at the port of Corfu
 The Old Fort of Corfu

 Carbonara for lunch
 Found my favorite tea, the Dilmah's Passion Fruit, Pomergranate and Honeysuckle
Reading with a sore throught :(

 Essie's love and acceptance on my nails on the trird day

 Random Peace Sign
 My cat on the Elle magazine

 A rainy day as it appears from my window

 Miou is like whaaaaat.....?
 My view from my room
 I'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket...
 Valentines breakfast

 Reading while listening to the Thrift shop
 I want this hoodie :P
 Michelle at the restaurant on Valentine's day :)
 The leftover pizza
The Valentine's day dessert by Haagen Dazs (one of their Journey desserts with ice cream).

Thank you for your time, 
Who was your week?

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