Monday, 18 March 2013

Bad hair day? Get ready with me!

Hello Lovely readers!
Yesterday was one of my bad hair days and I thought I would share some simple but lifesaving (for me) tips and show what I did for my hair and make-up.

My major problem with my hair is they get oily on the second day and as I hate taking a shower every single day I have to come up with some ideas for dirty, oily hair.

Firstly taking a comb and your hair detangler you need to spray your hair and then comb them until they are super soft and straight.

Then taking a elastic band, just wrap your hair in a high ponytail. I find high ponytails are much more likely to stay put all day and they make me feel much more pulled together.

For the second hairstyle take the hair hanging from the ponytail and twist them.

Twist your hair until they are naturally wrapped around the base of the ponytail.

Taking a large elastic band secure your hair in place. The good thing about this high bun is that it is secure and will stay in place all day, and it doesn't need any hairspray or Bobbi pins.

 And now for the make-up:

 First to create a good base use foundation and concealer on the under eye areas and the problematic areas if you need it. 

Apply eyeshadow base. 

For this tutorial I will be using the eyeshadows from the magazine Marie Claire (beige, khaki and dark brown)

Taking the beige eyeshadow, sweep it all across the lid. 

Taking a crease/blending brush apply the khaki eyeshadow on the crease and then blend it with a new clean brush. 

Taking a eyeliner brush dip it on the dark brown color draw a small cat-eye near your lashes.

If there is any fallout from the eyeshadows take some concealer and tap it lightly on where the fall out is.

Dip the eyeliner brush in some grey gel eyeliner (or use some grey eye pencil) to draw a small line to the outer half of your lower eyelashes.

Using a white pencil add some light to your tear ducts.

These are the eye make up finished. I believe that when you have a bad hair day you shouldn't skip make-up  in order to emphasise on your face instead of your hair. I also find this combination of colors really complimentary for brown-greenish eyes.

If you want you can take the left overs from the eyeliner brush and lightly pass it through the sparse places of your eyebrows. After that sweep the excess product with some eyebrow brush.

And of course curl your eyelashes and use mascara.

You can highlight your face with a light eyeshadow. For my skin the color I show on my bella oggi pallette works amazing. Sweep it across your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid's bone.

And of course contour and use blush on the apples of your cheeks.

I hoped you liked my solution to a bad hair day and my little tips.

Thank you for reading!!!

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