Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easy, natural everyday foundation routine

Hello everybody!!!
Today I thought I'd show you my foundation routine since I (think) have finally found a way to cover my acne with my face still looking like I have no make up on!!! I have been troubling myself with this for quite some time now since I've always hated my acne and my acne scaring but I couldn't find a way for my skin not look like I have a ton of foundation on.

However I lately discovered a series of tricks to both fade the imperfections and achieve a natural looking face.

Using a circle foundation sponge by radiant, triangle sponge by jumbo, mac careblend face powder, oriflame dual core concealer, essence forget it concealer pallet and you can choose between a light foundation and a bbcream.

Using the dual core concealer by oriflame I conceal the acne and the other imperfections of my skin. 

Here I will be using my illuminating foundation by avon, I dot the product on my face and don't forget the neck. And the secret tip in this is to make as many dots as possible.

Now damp the circle sponge and use it to blend the product by taping the product.

Now taking the triangle sponge take a small amount of foundation and with tap it on the problematic areas!!!

Then if you still have imperfections showing, take the green concealer and the beige and mix them together. Apply on problematic areas by taping.

Blending the pink and the beige concealer from the same pallet conceal your under eye circles.

Finish the look with some powder for a mat finish.

That's the finished look 
I hope you all enjoyed the way I do my foundation routine!

Thank you for reading!!!

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