Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Empties volume 3

Hello everybody!!!

I've finished some products lately and I thought I would share my opinions on them!

  • Firstly the genera balsamo hair repair conditioner which I found really nice not only for it being really cheap, but also because you need the smallest amount to get get your hair hydrated.
  • Soleil lady shave gel by Bic. I love using a gel for shaving because you can again use the smallest amount and it will be enough and it also causes the hair the grow smoother and later. It is also impossible to cut yourself with the razors when using it.
  • Next is the Le Petit Marseillias body hydrating shower creme of which I really liked the creamy, luxurious consistency and the rich vanilla aroma.
  • In the top there is the MC mille colori base coat for nails and I liked this one. I have been using it for about a year or more and has been going strong until it finished a few days ago. It did help my nails not to get yellow really fast and the nail polish last a little longer.
  • Beneath is the body shop tea tree oil spot treatment. As long as I have been using it, it has been kind of helping with my break outs but for me I would like more efficient results and since I have problematic areas mostly not like one pimple here and there.
  • After that I have also been using the lotion from the same line which I bought because it had some powder on the lotion just like the clinique lotion for acne problematic skin types. It was ok, the mortifying effects were pretty good and my skin stooped being oily, but definitely wasn't as good as the clinique lotion. 
  • I have also been obsessed with the relax body lotion with vanilla and honey by apivita which smells (smelled) heavenly *angels singing*. The hydration is also really good, the felling however is really light and extremely easy for the skin to absorb.
  • The clinique 7day facial scrub which I adore! I love it so much they help with acne and leave your skin felling soft and smooth like baby's skin!
  • Last but not least the liquid conditioner with sun protection by color instict on jumbo. I loved this, since I have been using I am feeling my hair thicker and healthier. It has also made my struggle with combing my hair a piece of cake and of course softer.
I hope you enjoyed my empties
Thank you for reading!!!

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