Sunday, 3 March 2013

February favorites 2013

Hello lovely readers,
Another monthly has flown by and we are know steadily hading towards summer, with spring stepping forward and providing us an awesome weather and boosting our mood!!!
February has been a great month in which a few but lovely products impressed me skincare, make-up and nails-wise. Here are they and a small description of them...

  • First of all is the brush cleanser spray by jumbo (Victoria) which has been used by me for two purposes. First is of course to clean my brushes with it. For that purpose it has been ok, however you definitely can't rely just on that for your make-up brushes to be clean. You should deep clean them every week or every two weeks (depending on how often you use them), in order to be hygienic and to prolong their life. But I have also been using this cleanser in my make-up routine in order to provide my face some covereage but also make it look super natural and glowy. I will probably post a tutorial in how I achive that in the next few weeks.

  • Next I have been loving the bb cream by garnier in light for which I have a review and comparison here. I love this bb cream because it has pretty decent covereage and because it is not greassy at all. I have been also noticing a very tiny bit of improvement with blemishes. If for example I use it for a night out the next day my skin will be slightly better, the effect however are really not that noticible. I have also find a way to improve it's color and to build it and the way I do it is using a dump face sponge.

  • Here are the sponges I have been using for my bb-cream and foundation. Untill now I would most oftenly use just my fingers to apply the product and I would end up with a not so natural looking face. Since I've started using these two budies though, my make-up has grown more natural and beautifull. The round one on the right, I use for foundation and bb-cream. The triangle-shaped ones on the left I use, to correct some mistakes that I might have done, with blush, bronzer, or if I need extra covereage on a certain spot, I will build up my make-up with these.
  • Next is my favorite mascara of this month. I have been loving the manhattan volcano extreme volume mascara. It's consistency reminds a little bit of the collosal mascara by maybelline that was out some time ago. It's smell is also really similar to the colosal's mascara scent, something between rose and honey. It really gives vollume to the eyelashes and seperates them quite well.

  • Next is this moisturizing aquarich  exfoliating facial wash for normal and combination skin by Cien, which I got from a Lidl super market. At first I was really sceptical about buying this product because the last time I used a drugstore kind-of scrub/facial wash it broke me out badly. However I decided it wouldn't hurt since it didn't cost over 5 euros. I tryed it and loved it. It helps with the blemishes, leaves your skin squeky clean but not dry and soft like baby's skin. I would definetelly reccomend it to anyone and I now am more eager than ever to try out more products from Cien.

  • .Last but not least is an essie's nail polish in Love and Acceptance. I actually didn't buy this nail polish with my own money, but I got as a gift with January's issue Elle magazine. The range of color that was available was pretty good but unfortunatelly from the shades that I found in the places that were close to me this one was my favorite. It is a pastel lilac color, the pigmentation is amazing, you only need one coat to get the color showing. It dries really quickly and the it last for about a week. I still don't know though If I would give 15 euros for a nail polish (that's how much it costs were I live). 
I hope you liked my February favorites,
Thank you for reading!!!

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