Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Facial hair removal solution for sensitive skin (Rapidepi review) !!!

Today I will be reviewing the Rapidepi glove for facial hair.
I, myself have been troubling too long with facial hair, not only because they are noticeable but also because my skin is very sensitive to any hair removal treatment. So I may have a problem removing the hair on my body but the situation is much worse on my face. I tried wax as a method but it continuously caused me to break out and most of the times my skin was reaped off along with the wax and the hair. Until one day I decided to try out this little glove by Rapidepi.

 My facial hair may not show much but they are really noticeable when I put on a bright lipstick, if I put on foundation or sometimes even when it's really sunny outside they will show because I'm pretty fair-skinned.

 The only thing you need is to have clean skin when using this glove. Pass it across your index and your middle finger (two fingers = more control) and start rubbing it on your problematic area. Now I have to warn you do GO EASY the first time you use it. Otherwise, you may like me end up getting rid not only of your hair but also your skin and that is not nice. But if you are patient and consistent the hair will come off easily and there will be no problem.

After you are finished your skin will be irritated and dry so it's essential to apply hydrating cream. Now, this something you need to pay attention as well. The hydrating cream you will have to put after will have to be for extra sensitive cream but also it will have to be really hydrating.  
Don't forget to use a non-irritative skin cream. Try something without perfume or alcohol.
That's it!!!

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