Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review of the forget it 3in1 concealer pallete by essesnce

Hello everybody!!!
Welcome back to my blog were today I will be reviewing one of my all time favorite products the forget it 3in1 concealer pallete by essence! This specific one is my third and have been going through them really fast. Here are some swatches...

As you can see the color pay off is pretty good and the concealer is pretty creamy. The covereage is excellent and using this pallete is really the only way I can cover my dark undereye circles and my blemishes.

An example of the covereage for a pimple...


Firstly apply some green concealer 

And then blend along with some beige

Also sometimes when I want a more fresh look I will just use the concealer and some powder instead of foundation and I am good to go.
There are only two negatives about this product :
  1. It doesn't last long enough for me, I would prefer a little bit more product. However at 3.99 it is easy to buy three or four to have handy
  2. As and undereye concealer it creases, not dramatically but it does...
Anyway this was my opinion on the essence's forget it 3in1 concealer pallete, overall I would totally just you to try it and 

Thank you for reading!!!

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