Thursday, 14 March 2013

What's in my shower !!!

Hello lovely readers
Lately I have been trying some new products in the shower and I thought I would share my opinion for them.

So, my shower is pretty small as you can see and I live with 3 more people so my stuff mustn't take too much space. Anyway the pink basket you see in the first three pictures isn't mine. My stuff are on the rank and down on the right corner of the shower.

On the rank I have my Shower gel, my conditioner, my razor and my red, little loofa.

  • The shower gel has been mentioned in my January favorites and I have been loving it ever since. It has lasted me for about 2 month and it will probably last another one at least. It smells like orange, cinammon and bubble gum but it is not overpowering and the scent last untill you go to sleep or even the day after some times. For me it works great and you need a tiny little bit to lather your whole body.
  • The pink bottle is my conditioner. It is the herbal essences pink conditioner for straight hair. It smells great (for me all the herbal essence product do) and it does actually help with the straightening of the hair. You do need to use a straightening iron to get that sleek, really straight texture, but if you don't want to do that your hair are still going to be soft and generally straight.
  • My razor are the one use gillete venus kind. Pretty standart. However I want to try the not one use razors.
  • The loofa is the standard loofa they have on every sephora store, nothing too fancy, but it works ok.

From this picture the only product I will talk about is the bic shaving foam. I got it from Jumbo but I thing you can get it in any super market. It is amazing. It is however the first I have ever used (before it I was using conditioner or sometimes just foam from) but it worths its money. It leaves your skin super smooth and you can't get cut with it (otherwise I get cut by the razor no matter who I do shave).

Here are the bottom products, sometimes here I keep product for the shower that I will be using after I finish the ones I'm using now (for the time being there is just the palmolive shampoo for long hair on the back).

  •  Here the stuff that I use which are the genera sensitive area cleanser (the little one behind the black bottle with the yellow cup). It is pretty average. The scent is also really pleasing and not overpowering.  
  • Next to it is the Cien everyday scrub face cleanser. This stuff is great and I love it. It helps with acne and leaves your skin soft, but not dehydrated. I am really impressed with the quality.
  • The genera shampoo delicato is not really as good as I expeted it. The formulation seems to weak for my oily sculp, but I guess if you have sensitive sculp maybe it would work for you. However I would choose it again.
  • Lastly the maschera capelli olio di cocco hair mask and it is pretty good as far as I have used. For its money though it is pretty good. Leaves your hair smooth and shine, but I am still on the hunt for the best hair mask out there (embrace yourselfs hair masks here I come :)).
So this is what there is in my shower I hope you found the post intresting
and I would love it if you left me a comment with your favorite shower product.

Thank you for reading!!!

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