Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Contouring: What I was doing wrong

The picture kind of talks for itself. You can guess by the amount of the bronzers that I haven't tried that many but I have the sun club one for more than I should. You can tell therefore that I have experimented with bronzer for quite some time without great success until recently. So I'm here to tell you that I've finally made it! I think the last few times I applied it, it finally looked as good as it should. Pondering over my past mistakes I thought I'd share them with you along with some potential advice.

The biggest and most obvious mistake was the blending I did. Or the lack of it should I say. So I would always end up with a huge streak of brown powder along my face. Too obvious and always weird looking. I need not mention how important blending is. Lately I have been spending the majority of my make up application in general blending rather than applying make up and it always looks more natural and flawless. Extra tip: if you need to blend it more, use the brush you use for foundation or powder.

Another mistake of mine -which was half the reason that I ended up with a brown line across my cheek- was bad lighting. Bad lighting can result in some of the worst (at least for me) make up mistakes. It can make you look orange all over or at parts of your face or over apply blush and other unfortunate mistakes like these. So always apply any kind of makeup in natural light.

Going against my face shape was the last mistake I did. Trying to create strong cheekbones on a face like mine, just didn't work. Instead press your face and try to find your own bones structure and apply the bronzer right under your cheekbones. Don't depend on the "fish-face" technique or any other solution, just take the time to find your bone structure.

I hope this post helps you. What are makeup mistakes used to do and how did you fix them?

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