Thursday, 1 October 2015

September favourites 2015

Hello there!!!
Yes, I am back. I took quite a long break. But hopefully, I'm here to stay this time.

Onto September favorites. I have been loving a few new products and have been trying a new skincare routine that requires a few more steps than my classic 3 steps skincare routine. The routine will be up in a little bit. One of the new products I decided to put in my routine is serum. As you can imagine finding an affordable serum that is appropriate for young age. So I went to the place where I always go when I need to find an affordable, good skincare item: The Sephora discount counter. There I found the pore refining serum by Sephora and now I'm on my second bottle of this magic little serum. Being my first serum I can't really compare it with others, but I can say that it has definitely helped my pores and my oily skin.
Another new skincare item I've tried this last month is the tea tree oil squeaky-clean scrub by The body shop. I picked it up because of its price on a day when the body shop had a sale on it's skincare. I can say it has really helped my oily skin and when I use it I always feel my skin super clean and it has helped it be a little less oily and evener. So it's definitely a part of the routine I will keep.
My sunscreen was over and I was in need of a new one. At the time I had some pimple problems so I picked up this Avene Cleanance sunscreen with 50 SPF, since all the other pharmacy options for blemished skin had a smaller SPF and I never go below 50. Trying it for all summer almost I have to report that it definitely didn't broke me out and it was really nice and lightweight. The most appropriate sunscreen I have tried for oily skin. So I think if you have oily skin you should definitely try it.
My last skincare item was the Vitamin E eye cream by the body shop and once again I got it because I trust the body shop when it comes to skincare and at the time it was under 10 euros. So far it has helped me a little bit with my under circles but not much, the korres wild rose eye cream was definitely better. However, it is a really good cheaper alternative and it offers some really good hydration to the thin under eye skin.
This month I finally got to know why brushes are important. To be honest, so far I was pretty much using my fingers for my makeup application and was trying to get by with the cheapest brushes I could. So I got some really good deals and good brushes and some really good ones. In general, brushes are something I always seem to forget to pick up. But I had heard so much for those stippling brushes by the Real Techniques, so when I discovered a shop in my hometown sold them I picked it up and so far I can say that it has changed my life (or less dramatic my foundation application).
Last but not least is the W7 in the buff: lightly toasted natural nudes eye color palette, which I had second thoughts when I bought it just cause I already have lots of eyeshadows. But the palette was so beautiful and I had heard it was a good dupe for the Urban Decay naked eyes palette. So I picked it up and ever since I haven't been using any other kind of eyeshadow. I honestly have to try really hard to convince myself to use any other kind of eyeshadow.

What have you been loving this month?
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