Monday, 26 October 2015

Top 5 transitional items for colder weather

I love Corfu. But there is something that always bugs me around this time of the year that has to do with the weather of the island. The heat is incredible! And I know that most of you would say that 
this is a good thing, but I love the colder weather when it’s autumn and everybody seems to transition to darker colors. And I’m here sweating like crazy (sorry for the TMI). Anyway, even though we still wear tank tops here I decided to get myself in the feeling of a colder, cozy weather with some colder weather essentials.

The first thing I love using when the weather gets colder is neutral eyeshadows. I might not wear my dark lips every day, but not one day goes by that I don’t wear neutral eyeshadows. My favorite palate lately has been this W7 one which I have also mentioned in my favorites and has freaking amazing intensity and blendability. With colder weather come longer hours of sleep, or at least I always feel like I can never get enough sleep when the weather is colder. That’s the reason why I think that an eye cream is essential in autumn, plus the fact that your skin needs the moisture. I’m currently using this Body Shop vitamin E one which is pretty ok. After the summer ends I always feel like my skin’s pores have enlarged so I love using face masks that help with pores at this specific time of the year, like this Sephora pore refining mask. Moisture is also desperately needed on everybody’s lips when the weather is colder and for that, there is nothing that works as good as the Korres lip butters (I love the guava flavor). Oils are also really nice to use on the body with cold weather as you feel the warmth of the message as you apply them and indulge in their rich smell. I like a few but I find this Multitasking Body Shop beautifying oil really practical.

What products do you like to use when the weather gets colder? 
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