Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cien lipglosses review

I came across these two gems recently. I guess you could call this a rave.

diamond rose
nude kiss
When I was grocery shopping a few days ago in a lidl store I came across the cien makeup range and decided to pick up two lipglosses and a mascara to test them (the second is still being tested). Being the inpatient girl that I am of course I put on the nude rose as soon as I reached home and I couldn't believe my eyes (nor my nose). The first thing that impressed my was the glossiness of the lipglosses. The second thing was the opacity of the colour. The only thing I've ever seen with such pigmentation are lipsticks. The pigmentation was crazy. The fragrance is also amazing but can't exactly pinpoint what it smells like.

The pigmentation was non-existent on the diamond rose however so at first I was a little bit disappointed however wearing it more and more I found the glitter in this lipgloss to look amazing on light and so I have been using it consistently ever since. I absolutely love it.

Another thing I really loved in those two was the applicator. It's not your classic foam tip applicator but it is flat on both sides which makes the precise application the easiest thing in the world. The packaging is nice and sturdy, rather expensive looking. For 2 (or 3€ ) I thing these may be the best liglosses in the market.  

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