Sunday, 21 February 2016

Winter Skin Blues


I was contacted earlier this month by the Dollar Shave Club, and was asked whether I would be interested in sharing some winter skincare tips. My skin has changed a lot the last few years and when I used to have extremely oily skin even in the winter my skin has become really dry, especially on my forehead. My solution? Combination of skincare items, a certain morning and evening routine and a few tips I will be sharing with you in this post!!!

The Skincare  
I have found that the items that work best in cold weather are oils both in cleansing and in hydrating. Cleansing oils are the best thing for both taking of your makeup and not over-cleansing your skin. Other than oils I find the next best thing being the weekly face mask, especially sheet masks, that nurture your skin and give it back it's moisture.

The Routine 
In general I stay faithful to my 10-step Korean skincare routine that I have posted here. However whether I'm out of certain items at a time or in a hurry I never forget to cleanse, use my serum and double-hydrate. I hydrating mask per week is a must as it revives dry skin and helps keep your skin healthy and plummy!

The Tips 
I belong in the guilty majority that likes to use hot water during the cold winter months and honestly who can blame us? There is nothing more relaxing in soaking in your bathtub for hours while the cold world outside is set in pause. However you shouldn't. Really hot water dehydrates your skin. I'm not saying that you should have a cold shower, but use warm water and  a cream, oil or body butter to hydrate your skin after you're done. While you're in the shower, it's also important to use a fresh, sharp razors when shaving. Even the best moisturising techniques take time to fix bumps, nicks, and razor burn.
Another mistake lot's of people make is forgetting their sunscreen. Sun protection is important all year round and if you don't like using sunscreen in the winter use a moisturiser with SPF protection.
Third and last tip is to not forget to moisturise your skin, especially at night. At night our skin repairs itself. It's the best time to use a heavy moisturiser or an oil. However don't go overboard, just remember to moisturise your skin with what it needs, be that an oil or a lightweight gel. 

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