Tuesday, 10 January 2017

6 tips to survive oily, second day hair

I belong witht the people that have very oily hair and unfortunatelly live in an area with hard water. That means oily scalp and dry ends are a very common occurense.

Before dry shampoo became somenthing relatively cheap where I stay I was showering every day, knowing how bad that was for my hair. The first few dry shampoos I tried quite failed me though and I didn't try any others until I heard of the Batiste. It is famous but only recently have I found it in stores where I live. Batiste dry shampoo since then has been my answer to second day hair that looks and feels fresh and smells great. My favorite scent is the cherry one.

To deal with my dry split ends I have been using a hair oil. These past month I have been using this syoss hair oil and I can't yet decide if it's better than my usual pantene one.The truth is it almost never makes my thin hair oily which is something I definitely appreciate, but I'm not sure it's giving as much moisture as I would like. Also it finishes rather faster than my other hair oils.

So in conclusion this is how I save time and keep my very oil scalp looking and feeling clean and my dry ends looking as close to healthy as possible. This combination of dry shampoo at the scalp and hair oil at the ends has saved me.

Here are a few other tips for second day hair:

  • If you sleep in a braid your dry ends will not look as bad the net day an it will be much easier to comb through.
  • If your ends are as dry as mine and get drier at the second day, put some oil before you sleep. This way the oil will have time to be absorbed the night before and you won't end up with oily locks. 
  • Lift your hair before you apply dry shampoo so that it reaches your roots. 
  • Keep the bottle far away so as to not get the white residue of the dry shampoo on your hair.
  • After you have sprayed the deisred amount, let it sit on your hair. Do not brush your hair right away. Let the shampoo absorb the oils first and as soon as you feel your hair fresh you can comb through them. 
Hope the tips have helped you a little bit. What do you do to revive your oily hair or you dry ends? 

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