Thursday, 19 January 2017

Top 5+1 tips for the new baker

And yes ladies and gents, now I will write about baking too! Where is the blog going?
Jokes aside I have been wanting to enrich my blog's content for quite some time now. I mean I adore makeup and skincare and beauty and all that but I'm also passionate about other things as well.

So I will try to let you into some more of the things I love. For starters let's dip our feet into some baking shall we? (it sounded better in my mind)

I started baking a few years ago but only until recently did I started feeling more comfortable to do almost any recipe and still some sound hard. My next goal is to do some healthy baking and maybe even vegan desserts. Here I will present you with my top 5 tips for the new baker:

  • Learn cooking terminology.
It's really not as hard as it sounds, just google some videos that tell you how to use a certain technique. I thing seeing it in a video is always the best way to understand it, if you prefer you could google images and a text but for me video is the way to go. Also remember that as you cook and you come more and more along these words you'll get used to them and as you apply the technique you'll become more confident in using them and cooking new things with them.
  • Accept the fact that you'll make mistakes.
Nobody was born a high-class cook and if you ask them they will probably have lengthy tales of their own failures. One thing I had to learn when I got into cooking (and much more when I got into baking) is that I would fail at least once when I would try to do something out of my comfy zone. But you know what? It's the only way to get to do the things you want to.  For example, you want to manage this spectacular, two floor cake with beautiful decorations? Prepare to fail in the formula, in the decorating and in a lot of other places. But after a bit of trial and error you'll manage to bake the dessert of your dreams.
  • Get inspired 
One of the major reasons people love baking is because of how creative it is as a hobby and how much they are inspired by it to create even more. If you want to hop in the waggon and stay throughout the ride you should find your main place of inspiration. I, as many others, love instagram for how easy it makes things. It is easy to find more complicated stuff and I always happen to find something new and inspiring if I just type in something as simple as "food". So go in there and find what inspires you and visit it often. 

  • Get the basic equipment
Getting the equipment is also important for baking. I don't mean get the very specific thing for just this or that. Usually what you need is already in your kitchen cupboards. Baking may require a few things extra, like a scale or a measuring cup or even a few cookie cutters. Read the recipe before you make something and be aware if it needs an electric mixer for example. 

  • Learn how to substitute ingredients
Learning how to substitute ingredients is very tricky, but it can prove vital when you are in the middle of a cake and just realised you don't have the X ingredient. It can be tricky because baking is so sensitive that usually if you change the ingredient, the outcome changes as well. That doesn't  mean it always changes for the worse though. In any case, either because you  happen to not have the ingredient you need at the time, or because you might not be able to get your hands on it in your local market, it's a good idea to know what you could use instead.
  • Take care of the measurements
Lastly I think the most important tip is to keep a  very close eye to the measurements. If you are a beginner this is the most important tip I can give you. There have been numerous times when I thought I had it and went along to eye-ball the ingredients in a cake and ended up from "everybody's favourite" to "none would eat this". So I learn the hard way that if I wanted to do if the tiniest thing I would have to measure the ingredients. It's ok if you want less sugar or salt but take care of the butter and the flour measurements or you might end up with something completely different than what you were aiming for. One little extra tip for you that made it to the end: Learn your oven. Every oven bakes in a very different way. Some need more time and some less. If you are using yours for the first time, keep and eye on what's baking and if you're not sure if it's done stick a toothpick in it, it should come out clean. 

I was aiming for a short post I swear. I hoped you liked it and made it to the end.
Do you have any tips for baking? Please let me know in the comments!

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