Saturday, 22 April 2017

I'm real Avocado sheet mask

If you know me, you know I love skincare. Even more than make-up. Having a clear, smooth skin is such a great thing that I strive to get.

Korean skincare and mainly Korean skincare tips have given so far such a better experience with my skin than anything before. First of all, it taught me that I should treat my skin more gently and always treat it as if it is sensitive, which helped a lot with my acne. For a full-on post about the things I've learned so far from Korean beauty or as others call it k-beauty you can check out my 10-step skincare post

This is one of the first ever skincare items I've tried from actual Korean skincare. The brand is called Tony Moly and the item is one of their very famous sheet masks. Koreans seem to love sheet masks and lately I have tried some, mainly Sephora ones before they became more mainstream and Korean products found themselves in the market. 

The Tony Moly I'm real Sheet mask line is very famous in Korean and may be a little expensive at 4.50 € (10 for 17,37€ here), but I think it's totally worth it. I used in on a day that I had to wake up really early and do a lot of housework and had very little time for skincare. I also have had very little sleep the night before. So I just cleansed my skin, put some toner on and then got the mask on. 

The mask that I had is the Avocado I'm Real sheet mask and it is supposed to nourish, hydrate and plumb your skin. As soon as I put it on I noticed the perfect match to my face and how it stuck on to it. It felt really wet but as soon as I put it on it wouldn't slip or fall. Another thing that I really liked is that it was slightly cooling, helping me like that to slowly wake up. It gave my skin tones of moisture but didn't break me out which is something I feared.

All in all, I loved its effect which was cooling, toning and very moisturizing! My skin was left completely soft and plumped. I am excited to try more of this line and I would definitely repurchase this mask even though it's on the expensive side.

Here is a list of the ingredients:

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