Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pink Spring

Spring has sprung!!! And with it, I found a new makeup technique!

Have you heard of draping? I only recently heard of it a few days ago while scrolling on my facebook feed. The main idea is that you apply blush on the cheekbones and continue in a V shape up to your brow bone.

Being a fanatic of blush I got intrigued and tried it. The verdict? Flattering and interesting a refreshing break from the usual contouring and blush application.

And then I took a step further with blush in the place of the eyeshadow. The look was really tied together by a black strong cat-eye and a fuscia matt lip gloss. Here are the steps I used one by one:

  1. Primer on face and eyes
  2. Lightweight Foundation
  3. Nude eyeliner on the waterline of the eyes
  4. Pink blush all over the lids
  5.  Blank eyeliner with a wink 😉
  6. Under-eye concealer
  7. Brow gel for those unruly eyebrows
  8. Blush starting from just under the cheekbones and going into a V shape up from the brows, a tip on the nose and a tiny bit on the forehead
  9. Highlighter on the cheekbones (kind of on top of the blush) and on the bridge of the nose
  10. Bright pink/fuscia lip color. 
I'm really tempted to keep on wearing this for the rest of the month, it's so easy and fast and still looks good!

What do you think? Do you like this look? Have you tried draping?

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